National Alfred Hitchcock Day 2017

Alfred Hitchcock was one of the greatest movie directors of the 20th Century. He is known for the thrillers that he authored and directed. He was even knighted by the Royalty of England for his exceptional talent. Some of the noteworthy movies are: Psycho, Dial M for Murder and The Birds. During the 1950s he shifted from England to America. He became so popular in Hollywood that in America March 12th is dedicated to this great movie icon of all times.

How would one celebrate this Day?

Well, this day, all Hitchcock lovers spend the evening paying tribute to this legend by watching their favorite Hitchcock movies. Many theaters also arrange special screenings of his movies on this day. Fans arrange private movie screenings at their homes or clubs. Those who prefer privacy will also do the same –watch their favorite Hitchcock movies, but only with their partner or all by themselves. The suspense and psychoanalytical thrillers are even today as bone chilling as they used to be. This shows the artistic excellence of this master psycho-thriller movie maker.