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I have thought about the next steps, and you know, they still don't know that I can dance. They don't know it, and it's frustrating me because I feel that it's an edge that I have, and I'm not talking about I took this hip hop class, I'm talking about this is how people actually know me.

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My first impression when I made it through was 'Good, because I'm going to prove to you that I deserve to be here', because they told me that sometimes I lack confidence in my performance and sometimes I'm not as consistent as they'd like me to be.

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I wouldn't mind doing Broadway, but I am definitely trying to get a album out there first.

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I've been doing African dance all my life.

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If my life was a song the title would be 'Naima'.

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The live setting is always better for me. I usually thrive at live. I feel like having a band behind me and being able to interact with the crowd helps boost my energy up.

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I prefer to sing in the shower because the acoustics make you sound great, baby.

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