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Personal relationships are usually my biggest inspirations for writing my songs. The best way for me to write a song is to visualise the story in my head, and I start humming a melody, and before you know it, a song is born.

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I write my songs many times to chord progressions on a piano. Unfortunately, I can't keep playing the piano, so I just record it into the software.

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I believe the most attractive thing about a guy is his personality and the way he views the world. I'm not into bad boys. I like the sweet sometimes even shy guys.

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Since I was a child, I always loved music that made me want to dance. As a teenager, I used to dance the night away to electronic music.

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I love music in general. It's like girls and their clothes and shoes; when you love shoes, you love shoes. So, for me, I think it's a really dangerous thing to say I'm going to write the best dance song in the world.

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I am definitely a spiritually centered person and that is usually one of my biggest guiding lights beyond music.

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I love the Middle East and have been lucky enough to visit a few of the countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordon and the U.A.E.

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I love Chicago. It's one of my favorite cities, hands down.

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The advice I would give to girls from Eastern backgrounds who are interested in the arts is that it is always beneficial to get your academic studies out of the way before going into the competitive world of the arts.

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