What is the MTTC Test?

The Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) test is designed to ensure that all teachers recruited to teach in Michigan schools are properly qualified. This test was created from a legislative act, described in section 1531 of Public Act 451 (1976) later amended by successive acts. This test is the only test which can qualify a person to teach in Michigan schools as of now.

These tests are objective based and criterion referenced. By objective based it means that the questions are driven by specific objectives. Criterion referenced means that the performance of the candidate is measured against a standard performance (criterion).

MTTC Test Eligibility

  • The candidate should be at least 21 years of age.
  • The candidate should have completed a bachelor’s degree from nationally-recognized university.
  • The candidate should have majored in at least one of the subjects which he or she wants to teach.

MTTC Test Qualification and Requirements

There are certain basic requirements for enrolling in student teaching programs. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Elementary Level Certification: The candidate should pass the Basic Skills test and the Elementary Education test. For teaching particular subjects in grades 6 to 8, the candidate should pass the respective subject-area tests.

  • Secondary-Level Certification: Here, as in the Elementary Level Certification, the candidate should have Basic Skill test and the corresponding subject for that particular area.

MTTC Test Requirements for Out of State Candidates

The above-mentioned tests are also mandatory for out of state candidates as well. There are a few exceptions to this rule which are:

  • The individual should have taught for at least three successive years in another state in a position where the certificate of that state was valid.
  • After getting certified in another state, the candidate should have taught for a minimum of 18 semester credit hours under the respective state board.
  • The candidate has met the reading credit requirements under the state board.
  • If all of the above conditions are not met, the candidate may receive certification for a period of one year, but must pass the relevant test as per requirements within one year.

MTTC Test Preparation

  • There are numerous study guides available for preparation for the MTTC test on the internet.
  • The study guides available online are both free and chargeable.
  • Alternatively, preparation can be done by registering in a local coaching class.
  • A lot of guide books and CDs are available in bookstores.

MTTC Test Ranking

The system of ranking in the MTTC test is a unique one. The scoring is done in terms of ‘+’ signs. There are one to four ‘+’ signs given in each subject, + indicating that few or none were answered correctly and ++++ meaning that most of the questions were answered correctly. This is then converted into an integral number, 220 being the minimum score to pass the exam.

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