Mothers Day Events 2016

This day is celebrated to honor mothers and thanking them for always being there. This is the best way to express our gratitude for all the pains mothers have taken to bring up a child.

In countries like India, Australia, US and Canada, Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Basically, Mothers Day came into existence by the efforts taken by Ms Anna Jarvis and Ms Julia Ward Howe. Later, Mothers day was confirmed by US President Woodrow Wilson on 8 May, 1914. Since this day, people worldwide celebrate Mothers Day with great devotion and love. Mothers Day involves many events also.

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Mothers Day Events

Mothers Day craft- Make this day enjoyable by coming up with new craft ideas. Handmade cards and gifts would always be loved by mothers.

Cooking competition- Make a list of your moms’ friends and organize a fun cooking competition among all moms. Make it exciting by giving gifts to all as all moms put in efforts.

Marathon- If your mom is active and indulges frequently in exercises, then register her for the 5k marathon. If she likes getting herself pampered then book a massage, spa or for a makeover at her favorite beauty parlor.

Book a show- If your mom loves watching movies or theaters, then book a show for her and surprise her on Mother’s Day by giving either a movie ticket or a ticket to watch a play.

Organize a party- Make Mother’s day fun and exciting by organizing a party for your mom and her friends. The party should include a few games that moms would enjoy to play. Then decorate the venue with her favorite things and play her favorite music.

Mothers day quotes- Along with your brothers and sisters, each can write messages or quotes for your mother. Your mom would surely be happy with all the heart-felt messages.

Writing songs- If you are good in writing songs or singing, then plan an evening get-together. Sing your mom’s favorite song and make her happy.

Gifting flowers- The best way to express your love on mother’s day is gifting a bunch of her favorite flowers. Flowers have always been the best way to express love and make the person feel special. Your mom for sure would feel special and loved.

Dedicate the day- On mothers day, dedicate the entire day for her. Let the day be more relaxing than the usual busy routine that she has. Make things easy for her by doing little tasks like packing lunch yourself, keeping your room clean and walking your pet in the evening or morning. All these things that you do will make a huge difference.

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