Moses Biography

Moses Biography

Introduction of Moses

Moses is known as one of the most prominent Hebrew religious leader. He is also regarded as one of most important prophet amongst many other faiths like in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i Faith, Rastafari and Chrislam. It was said that Moses acted in accordance to the request of God. It was with his efforts that the Jews were freed from the brutality and slavery that they were experiencing under the rule of Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses was also chosen by God to receive the Ten Commandments which he received in the form of a stone tablet. The Ten Commandments till date holds great importance in the world.

Birth Details & Personal Biography of Moses

Exodus chronicles that Moses was born in the year 1391 BC in the month of either February or March. In 1391 BC Hebrew’s were slaves of Egyptian and it was the order of Pharaoh that every new born Hebrew male child be killed. Moses’ mother Jochebed was unwilling to obey  Pharaoh’s wishes. She hid Moses in a basket and left him on the waters of River Nile. Moses was rescued by Thermuthis the daughter of Pharoah, who adopted him. Moses was brought up as an Egyptian Prince,nevertheless he never forgot that he was a Hebrew.

Career of Moses

It is believed that God spoke to Moses to go back to Egypt and free the Hebrews from slavery. In an effort to free the Hebrews from slavery Moses first requested Pharaoh, but when denied, he bought ten plagues to Egypt affecting only Egyptians and sparing the Hebrews. Finally Pharaoh relented as Moses took the Hebrews to Cannan, the promised land. Moses caused the red sea to part, making a pathwat for the Hebrews to cross to safety. The Hebrews also suffered loss of water and food on their journey but Moses came to their rescue. Moses also helped the Hebrews win the war against Amalekites.The efforts of Moses continued but at times the Hebrews confronted Moses and tried to settle on their own accord but Moses again saved them using his wisdom. Moses gave the Hebrews the ‘Ten Commandments’ which lists moral and religious obligations to be followed.

Awards & Achievements of Moses

Moses is placed in US House of Representatives as one of the 23 lawmakers on a marble bas relief. Moses is also depicted in the US supreme  court building holding the two tablets of Ten Commandments.

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