Morse Code Day 2017

Morse Code Day falls on April 27th every year. It commemorates the day Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born – in 1791. He co-invented the code that bears his name.

Samuel Morse was an American inventor. His contribution was to make it easy to send messages over a single-wire telegraph system based on the European telegraph system. He also loved to paint and an accomplished painter.

Alfred Vail and Samuel Morse collaborated to invent the Morse Code – which was based on a system for electromagnetic telegraphic systems. Samuel Morse sued and won a lengthy lawsuit and earned the right to be called the “inventor of the telegraph”. He also promoted himself as an inventor, besides his painting.

There were several telegraph operators in America over the years. Western Union was the longest serving telegraph company –in 1980, this company earned more money by transferring money around the world than sending telegrams. As of January 2006, they discontinued telegram services in the US.

A modified version of the Morse Code is still being used by ham radio operators around the world. In 2007, it was no longer necessary to pass the morse code test to get an amateur radio license.

Morse Code Day 2017