Moros Y Cristianos 2016

Moros y Cristianos, the Moors and Christians Spanish festival is celebrated in town and cities of Spain, but mainly in the southern Valencian Community. This celebrated festival shows evidence of the battle between the Arabs (Muslims-Moors) and the Christians that took place in Spain centuries ago. The finest places to experience this festival is Alcoy in Alicante that take place usually in the month of April.

How is Moros y Cristianos Celebrated?

Armies of people rally all day to the band’s sound whilst Berbers, soldiers, Mudéjares, Abencerrajes and Benimerines prepare for the war. A multitude of Andalusian bandits, Basque soldiers, an army of Asturias and the Valencian peasants clad like farmers join the rally to fight the battle. Martial music takes the stand to announce the magnificence of the approaching fight. People are lined up the street to be in awe of and cheer the fighters. Soldiers march to show off their pride, sergeants wave the crowd and horsemen flaunt their skills.

This festival is carried all day long where people walk through the beautifully decked up city of Alcoy, chiefly the red cross of Saint George.

The next morning when the festival is about to come to an end, the city is turned into a battleground of gunpowder smoke like fog destining the defeat of Christians,  and the Moorish crescent can be noticed on the wall where the Red Cross once stood high. When the combat is at its violent side, people see Saint George himself appear at the castle’s top to aid the Christian armies, but the stone turns to the Moors retreat.

The end of this festival leaves a sad environment around the city of Alcoy, but the only happiest part among Alcoyanos is that it will come back in 361 days again.

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