Montreal High Lights Festival 2016

Montreal High Lights Festival is the largest winter festival in the world celebrated in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the most awaited festivals during winter, celebrated over 10 days in the month of February. The festival was started in the year 2000 and since then it has been an annual celebration. The Montreal High Lights Festival attracts fans from across the globe.

The Montreal High Lights Festival is an assemblage of food, lights, music, fun filled events and performing arts.  The festival is a must visit for food lovers with greatest chefs from different parts of the world present their culinary skills. The festival also offers excellent wine collections for wine lovers. The festival is known for presenting an excellent harmony of food and wine.

Apart from food and wine, the festival also offers excellent music and arts events allowing fans to enjoy some established names as well as some new talents. The festival heart of the downtown is lit with lights for whole 10 days. Fans can also enjoy other fine arts performances, like theatre shows, dances, cultural shows and other performances calling artist from all over the world.

The Montreal High Lights Festival also host various free events at old port like fireworks, ice skating, circus acts, puppet shows, ice sliding and circus acts. The festival also hosts special events for children and make their visit unforgettable.

The Montreal high light festival concludes with the most popular “Nuit Blanche”, an all-night event of free music, varieties of food, winter sports events, cultural shows, music and performing arts. The all-night show starts at 6 PM and runs until dawn on the last day of the festival. There are free shuttle services available so that you do not miss out on any activities.

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