Mole Day 2016

Mole Day 2016

What is Mole Day

Every year on 23rd October from 6:02 am - 6:02 pm, people celebrate mole day. It is calculated on Avogadro numbers which is 6:02 times 10 to the power of 23. Avogadro is known as the father of chemistry. Mole day is basically a celebration of chemistry. In chemistry, one mole is a small unit of measure and one gram is equal to a molecule’s one atomic weight. Avogadro was a scientist from Italy whose hypothesis on atom was published in the year 1811. The National Mole Day Foundation came into existences in the year 1991. There are many interesting facts about Mole Day. The Foundation celebrates and supports the Mole Day throughout the country. A few Mole Day facts are below:

Mole Day Facts

Fact 1- It is believed that one mole of paper if stacked can reach the moon more than 80 billion times.

Fact 2- The second fact about one mole of grain of sand would be much more than that what is there at Miami Beach.

Fact 3- The next fact about one mole is that one mole of blood cells would be more than the number of blood cells in every human-being on earth.

Fact 4- It is also believed that one liter of water contains 55.5 moles of water.

Fact 5- An astonishing fact about one mole is that one mole is approximately 1,616,434 light years or it can also be easily 8 times around our galaxy.

Fact 6- Another interesting fact about one mole is that one mole of seconds is approximately 19 quadrillion years. It is 954,150 times the age of the universe or 4,240,666 times earth’s age.

Fact 7- An important fact about one mole is that one mole of cents would be good enough to repay the debt of United States of America 86 million times.

Therefore, people actively participate in the Mole Day celebration. People also wear Mole Day t-shirt with a few facts written on it or a Mole Day hat. Even Mole Day greeting cards are available with a few facts mentioned on them as well. People do these activities to honor Avogadro’s contribution to chemistry.

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Mole Day 2016