Mole Day Activities

Mole day is the day where all the chemistry students declare themselves an unofficial holiday. On 23rd of October, Mole day is celebrated from 6.02 am to 6.02 pm. If we write the date in American style one can see that the time and date forms 6:02 10/23. This is the exact number for defining the number of particles in one single mole of substance.

In the early 1980, Mole Day was started by Maurice Oehler. He was the person who founded the National Mole Day Foundation. Many schools and college celebrate this day in United States, Canada and South Africa.

What do you do on Mole day?

There are many activities which people do on Mole day. Teachers try to initiate activates which are based on chemistry so as to create interest in students. In case you want to have ideas which will engage your students on this day, here are some excellent ideas to keep your students busy.

Chemistry Projects

As the day is based on chemistry subject, teachers should encourage the students to come up with chemistry projects. Also you can come up with demonstrations of chemistry experiments which will interest the students in concentrate more on the subject. Live experiments are always the best way of making students understand the importance of chemistry. The different colors of the solution and the reaction of mixing of solutions seem interesting and create an impact on the students. Therefore most of the schools encourage their chemistry teachers to exhibit experiments and projects of chemistry on this day.

Mole Day Poster

This is another idea to encourage students to contribute to the Mole day celebrations. There are many aspects on which one can make a poster of. For example, periodic table in chemistry is a very vital aspect to know the atomic weight and mass of a particular element. This chart is primary necessity to understand subjects like chemical bonding and solutions. Hence you can ask your students to create a poster of periodic table and on Mole day, and explain the importance of it.

Calculation of Mole

Mole is an essential SI unit for calculation of substances in atomic weights etc. One exercise which can help you keep your students busy on this day would be – put up three pictures of different things. It can be humans, animals, edibles or any other thing. Ask your students to calculate the mole % in these things.  Or, you can ask your students to select an object and find the % mole in that object. This activity is only for graduates and higher class students.

These are the different activities which one can participate in on Mole day.

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