Milk Day 2017


January 11th is celebrated as Milk Day. This day is special because in 1878 milk was delivered for the first time in glass bottles. Glass bottles were chosen as they kept the milk fresh and healthy which was supplied to many customers.

Earlier milk was supplied to customers in big cans which were exposed to many harmful elements. Thus, milk was supplied to people and refrigerated milk didn’t come into existences until 1938. Till this day we don’t know why January 11th is known as Milk Day. Its only later that many countries started supplying milk in glass bottles. The Lester Milk Jar, which had a lid as a screw cap was the first milk “bottle” in America. It was not patented until January 29 1878.

Milk Day

Warren Glass Company was the first glass company to have patented in the year 1880. Eventually in October 1878, the milk started being supplied in bottles in America and in the year 1880 every seller sold milk in glass bottles.

The United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization declared June 1st as World Milk Day in 2001. On the other hand, the FAO in 2000 declared that September 28th as the World School Milk Day. Many schools celebrate Milk Day; therefore in the UK the 2nd week of October is celebrated as the School Milk Week every year.

In Illinois during the first weekend in June, Harvard Milk Days are celebrated in Harvard. This festival started in 1942. The Kalash people in northern Pakistan celebrate milk day which is known as “Joshi” which falls during their spring festival.

History Notes

There have been many notes written for Milk Day. Like this one is by the New York Times, “Difficulty of Selling Pure Milk: The mode of delivering milk in Paris, in sealed bottles, of standard quantity and quality, with the marked on the bottles is one familiar to traveled Americans, but one that has not been imitated here until recently”. One can find this written on 19th October 1978 in Burlington Weekly Hawkeye.

In 1880, there was a letter written to the New York Times that shows a glimpse between milkmen and the milkwaggon. The milkmen had an old fashioned way of delivering milk. They used to have huge containers with dippers to supply milk to customers while milkwaggon delivered milk in sealed bottles.

Therefore, gradually the Milk Day became popular among schools and people. Many schools all over the world declare a certain day as the Milk Day. This was not a popular event in the past but as people understood the importance of supplying milk in a safe way to customers, this day became equally important as other events. 

Milk Day 2017