Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was a revolutionary Mexican priest who became active between 1809 and 1811. He was one of the most influential people among the main contributors for the Mexican independence. He announced a revolt against Spanish rule and created a political sensation. Later on military activities supported for the achievement of Mexican independence in 1821.


He born on 8 May, 1753 and passed away on 30 July, 1811. His father was a middle class person and working as an administrator in the government. Miguel was the second child in his family. His parents gave him good culture and beliefs as they were from respected families. After eight day of his birth Hidalgo was baptized as Roman Catholic and started believing in the power of Church.


Hidalgo was a good student from the starting only and he learnt a lot of subjects. He went to Jesuit Secondary school and completed his graduation. He received a bachelor’s degree in theology and philosophy from the famous San Nicolás College in the year 1773. He was ordained a priest in 1778 with so much respect and fame. From the year 1767 onward he stared learning about priesthood and became an expert in various rituals.


Hidalgo was having many good attributes like humanitarian and entrepreneurship which led him at the apex of his career. After ordination, he gradually moved to the hierarchical levels and got excellent fame. He also earned good fortune each time serving to the church. In the year 1803 he arrived in the Guanajuato town of Dolores. Here accompanied by associates who included his younger brother, a cousin, two half sisters and two illegitimate daughters. His elder brother was having influence with the key people and helped him to get a powerful position in the society. He moved to the level of senior priest.


At the age of fifteen Hidalgo visited Valladolid to study at the world famous college ‘Colegio de San Francisco Javier’. He served with all the duties and services and then devoted himself almost for the business and its growth. He also excelled in intellectual pursuits and humanitarian activities. He has been considered as a father in three senses of the word: a father in the Roman Catholic Church, a natural father for his kids, and the father of the great country of Mexico.


He has been declared as the great Father of the nation who devoted his entire life for the wellbeing of the country. After gaining independence his birth day is being celebrated as the national festival. At many places he has been considered as the sole judge and he mediated in many official matters. This way he is now a world renowned personality and many countries are celebrating his works. He will be always in the hearts of the Mexican people because of the efforts that he put in to make the country a place of opportunities and notable at the map of the world.