Middle Name Pride Day 2017

Middle Name Pride Day 2017 celebrates on March 10th.

Middle Name Pride Day is celebrated on the first Friday that falls on first full week in March, to commemorate middle names. This day is being celebrated ever since its founder Jerry Hill made it popular.

Here are a few reasons why Middle Name Pride Day is celebrated. The first and foremost reason is to encourage people to acknowledge their middle names offered to them by their parents. This one actually makes your name stand out from a number of similar or same names. As a result your name becomes unique.

What do you do on this day? If you’re original name does have a middle name in it then celebrate by revealing your middle name to at least three friends or relatives who are not aware of it. Do you know why or who gave you the middle name? If not, then this day is the occasion to find out just that. Find out the significance of your middle name – like if you were named after a person, find out who that special person was and find out more about their personality and characteristics and so on.

Go ahead and enjoy your middle name and whatever comes with it on the Middle Name Pride Day.

Middle Name Pride Day 2017