Mexican Independence Day 2017

This day commemorates Mexico’s bid for independence from the Spanish. This fight was led by a priest - Father Miguel Hidalgo, who was influenced by thinkers from America and France.

It is also called Grito de Delores, after the place where he gave a speech, rallying the people to fight with his famous words “Viva Mexico” and “Viva La Independencia”.

When: September 16th


After hearing his rallying speech, all classes of people - wealthy, Meztizos and Indians fought together using all manner of weapons. People marched all the way to the capital and fought battles along the route. Even though Father Hidalgo was captured and executed, his speech had so inspired the people that it is now known as the Grito de Delores (or Cry of Delores). After 11 years, they eventually won their freedom.

What to Expect:

This is one of the biggest holidays in Mexico - bigger than even Cinco de Mayo. Fiestas are held by people all over the country and people invoke Father Hidalgo’s words. These fiestas are held according to what people like to do - a simple one or very elaborate ones.

One can expect to see a riot of colors - red, green and white - along parade routes, music, food, drink, rodeos, bullfights and fireworks. Many vendors set up booths for all kinds of items like souvenirs, drinks and food.

Mexican Independence Day 2017