Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2016

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2016

Melbourne food and wine festival was started in the year 1993 to celebrate Melbourne and Victoria’s lively food and wine culture. The festival has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception and has become an annual event. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is celebrated in the month of March every year.

The festival aims to promote the city’s culture and victoria state’s produce, talent and lifestyle. The festival strives to establish Melbourne as the food and wine capital of Australia. The festival attracts fans from around the world.

The Melbourne Food and Wine festival stated with just 12 events but over time has grown tremendously and plays host to series of events and talent shows. The fortnight festival attracts food and wine experts from different part of the globe. It also plays host to world famous chefs, wine makers, wine tasters, food columnists and authors, wine manufacturers and critics from around the world.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has the honor to present 20 ‘world’s longest lunch’ in Chinatown. One can book a table at any of the longest lunch party to be a part of the longest lunch or can just watch people enjoying it. The festival presents the fans with some of the finest culinary preparations and you can learn some culinary skills or some new recipe by talking to world renowned cooks and chefs taking part in the festival.

For wine lovers, Melbourne Food and Wine festival has lot to offer. You can taste some real good wine and at the same time listen to wine experts from around the world giving details about new trend or traditional wine making process. Melbourne is known for food eateries and food lovers, so rush to restaurants and book your table before it is gone.

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