Measure Your Feet Day 2017

Yes! There is a day called Measure your feet Day!! No one knows how it was originated or why it is celebrated. But ultimately it is celebrated on the 23rd of January. On this particular day everyone measures their foot. If we get to think we will realize that it would have been quite some time since you have measured your feet. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to celebrate Measure your Feet Day.

There is no particular origination of this particular day. The most exciting part of the day is to play some activities which involve on your feet. You may not get a holiday on this particular day but after office you can go home and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family. Measure your feet day can be a simple day but you can celebrate it in your own way.

Activities to do on Measure Your Feet Day   

There are many activities which one can do on the measure your feet day. Many people who generally are not aware of how their feet look or people who do not give a damn about how their feet are can try to learn more about their feet. There are different kinds of feet, for instance there are duck feet, flat feet, two left feet etc. You can try to figure out which category your feet fall into. Similar to this you can come up with many more ideas in which you can make your feet do the talking.

As this day is not considered a national holiday you cannot plan a big celebration on this day. Instead you can have a small get together with your family and friends and consider this day as a reason to have fun. For those who want ideas on how to make your feet do the talking you can pick up some of the activities from the below listed ideas.

  • You can try to guess if the toe is longer than the finger without removing the socks. You can take rounds and see how many of you can guess correctly. Everyone should wear their socks on and you should get your guess right.
  • Another great idea is to write the word which is told in your ear by using a pen with your feet. This is going to be real fun. You can also make it a Pictionary game where you draw the word and let the others guess. It is one of the best ways of entertaining your guests and also yourselves.
  • Painting with your feet. Take a big white sheet and let your hair down and use the paint to bring out the best of the art on the paper. Use only your feet. It can be your foot prints or any other design if possible. You can also make t-shirts with your foot prints on it. If you are a couple then you can exchange t-shirts which have each other’s foot prints.
  • For your personal knowledge you can go through a lot of articles on how to keep your feet healthy and strong. This is very important to know as they are the base and are very vital in helping us to walk and support ourselves.

The above given activities are the best you can do on measure your feet day.

Measure Your Feet Day 2017