Mcgeorge Bundy Birthday (March 30th)

Mcgeorge Bundy Birthday (March 30th)

McGeorge Bundy or Mac was born on March 30, 1919 in Boston, Massachusetts. His career achievements include his tenure as United States of America National Security Advisor from the year 1961-1966 under President Johnson and Kennedy. He also served as the president of prestigious ford foundation for 13 long years.

His family background was great and he came from a very wealthy and prominent family with interest in politics

His mother was Katherine Lawrence Putnam and his father was Harvey Hollister Bundy. His father was diplomat, who played a very crucial role in implementation of Marshal Plan. McGeorge attended Groton school for his early schooling and for higher studies he went to Yale, where he was member of bone and skull secret society

In the year 1949 McGeorge was involved in a project for Council of Foreign Relation for studying Marshall Plan and its Aid to European countries.

His biggest achievement was his appointment as Dean for one of the Faculty at the University of Harvard. He was the youngest to get that prestigious position. He was considered as President Kennedy wise men. He was not having PhD but he has a renowned professor of government.

In the year 1961 his career touched new feet, he became the National security advisor in the Kennedy administration and later on in Johnson Administration. In the Kennedy administration he took some major defense and foreign policy decision some of them were Cuban Missile crisis and Bay of Pigs Invasion and the most important and controversial Vietnam war. In the year 1964 he was appointed as chairmen of the prestigious 303 committee whose main responsibilities were coordination in Government secret mission. He was in favor of US participation in the Vietnam war right from the beginning and he went one step further by proposing the North Vietnam bombing but later in his life he strongly regretted his decision.

In the year 1966 he left the government and took the new responsibility of chairmanship of prestigious Ford foundation, and he held that position for next 13 years.

From the year 1979-1989 he taught History at the University of New York. He wrote several books. Some of the famous were, Danger and Survival: Choices About the Bomb in the First Fifty Years (1988) Presidential Promises and Performance (1980), and Reducing Nuclear Danger: The Road Away from the Brink (1993). He died in the year 1996 due to heart attack