What is the MCAT Test?

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is mandatory for admission into medical school in the US. It is held throughout the US, 25 or more times a year. The students who appear for this exam are usually undergraduates. The exam used to be paper-based but since the year 2007 the MCAT test is computer based.


  • One can apply for the MCAT test if applying for allopathic, osteopathic, podiatric or veterinary medicine.
  • A person can appear for the exam up to three times in a year.
  • International students can apply on the condition that they are part of an MBBS program or in possession of an MBBS degree.
  • In exceptional circumstances, special permissions are granted.
  • Application for special permission can be made by sending an email to giving details of why the candidate wants to apply.


There are certain course work conditions to be met for medical school. The qualification is that the candidate should have passed high school.

Furthermore, the candidate should have completed at least one year in any one of the following subjects:

  1. Physics with laboratory
  2. English
  3. Calculus
  4. General biology
  5. Inorganic chemistry with laboratory
  6. Organic chemistry with laboratory

A GPA of about 3.5 is considered a necessary qualification.

MCAT Test Requirements

  • The main requirements to be met for appearing for the MCAT test are that the candidate should have read the MCAT Essentials document.
  • The MCAT Essentials document is a guide which gives detailed information about how to apply and prepare for the MCAT test.
  • The document has a declaration page which has to be signed, dated and submitted at the time of registration.


Given below are a few tips on how to prepare for the MCAT test:

  • Timing: It is important to register in sufficient time. Do not drag your feet and register too late, as the results will take considerable time to process.
  • Practice: This is an important part of the preparation. You would do well to register about a year and a half before you actually want to join medical school, giving you enough time to appear in April and then again in August too, if required allowing sufficient time for practice.
  • Review Classes (to take or not to take): As Review classes tend to stress on approach only, coupled with selective study, some are better off cramming at home. This solely depends on the individual.
  • The Final Day: Get a good night’s sleep. Have a good breakfast. Be well prepared in terms of writing material. Try to be relaxed. Give yourself enough time to reach by leaving in good time.


The ranking which is required for admission into a reputed medical school usually ranges from 11.7Q to 12.3Q. Although some medical schools are known to accept a Ranking of 11Q and below, it would be best to aim for a ranking of 11.8Q or above.

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