May 9 Birthdays :133 Famous People Birthdays on 9 May

John Brown Birthday (May 9th)

John Brown Biography John Brown Introduction: While discussing the history of America, it is impossible to overlook the contributions of John Brown. He was: A revolutionary who helped to shape the nation. A controversial political and historical figure. A philanthropist who co....

May 9 Birthday Wishes

May 9 Birthday Wishes

You have a birthday twinkle in your eye so have fun and know we love you fairy‚ fairy much. Happy Birthday.

I wish you all the happiness in the world! Happy Birthday!

May 9Birthday Quotes

'John Candy knew he was going to die. He told me on his 40th birthday. He said‚ well‚ Maureen‚ I’m on borrowed time.'

Maureen O’Hara

'Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar‚ but the best improve with age. '

Pope John XXIII

People Born on May 9

Year Name
1147 Minamoto no Yoritomo Japanese shogun (d. 1199)
1741 Giovanni Paisiello Italian composer (d. 1816)
1800 John Brown American abolitionist (d. 1859)
1837 Adam Opel German engineer and industrialist (d. 1895)
1860 J. M. Barrie Scottish author (d. 1937)
1866 Gopal Krishna Gokhale Leader of Indian Independence Movement (d. 1915)
1873 Anton Cermak Mayor of Chicago (d. 1933)
1874 Howard Carter British archaeologist (d. 1939)
1882 George Barker American painter (d. 1965)
1882 Henry J. Kaiser American shipbuilder (d. 1967)
1883 Jose Ortega y Gasset Spanish philosopher (d. 1955)
1886 Francis Biddle United States Attorney General (d. 1968)
1892 Zita of Bourbon-Parma Empress of Austria-Hungary (d. 1989)
1893 William Moulton Marston American psychologist‚writer (co-creator‚ Wonder Woman) (d. 1947)
1895 Richard Barthelmess American actor (d. 1963)
1895 Lucian Blaga Romanian poet‚ playwright‚ and philosopher (d. 1961)
1888 Rolf de Mare Swedish art collector and museum director (d. 1964)
1907 Kathryn Kuhlman famed evangelist (d. 1976)
1907 Baldur von Schirach Nazi official (d. 1974)
1907 Fred Warng?rd Swedish athlete (d. 1950)
1908 Mary Goldsmith American ceramist (d. 2007)
1909 Don Messer Canadian country musician (d. 1973)
1912 Pedro Armendariz Mexican actor (d. 1963)
1912 Per Imerslund Norwegian writer (d. 1943)
1914 Denham Fouts American male prostitute and socialite (d. 1948)
1914 Carlo Maria Giulini Italian musician and conductor (d. 2005)
1914 Hank Snow American country music singer and songwriter (d. 1999)
1918 Moisis Michail Bourlas Greek member of the World War II resistance
1918 Orville L. Freeman American politician (d. 2003)
1918 Mike Wallace American journalist
1919 Arthur English English actor and comedian (d. 1995)
1920 Richard Adams English author
1920 William Tenn American author (d. 2010)
1921 Daniel Berrigan American peace activist
1921 Sophie Scholl resistance fighter in Nazi Germany (d. 1943)
1921 Mona Van Duyn American poet (d. 2004)
1923 Johnny Grant American radio personality‚ television producer (d. 2008)
1924 Bulat Okudzhava Russian writer and musician (d. 1997)
1927 Manfred Eigen German biophysicist‚> recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1928 Ralph Goings American painter
1928 Pancho Gonzalez American tennis player (d. 1995)
1928 Barbara Ann Scott Canadian figure skater
1929 Kay Dotrice British actress (d. 2007)
1930 Joan Sims British actress (d. 2001)
1930 Kalifa Tillisi Libyan writer and linguist
1931 Vance Brand American astronaut
1932 Geraldine McEwan English actress
1933 Jessica Steele English romance novelist
1934 Alan Bennett British author
1935 Nokie Edwards American guitarist (The Ventures)
1935 Roger Hargreaves English children's author (Mr. Men) (d. 1988)
1936 Albert Finney British actor
1936 Glenda Jackson English actress and politician
1937 Jose Rafael Moneo Spanish architect
1937 David Prater American singer (Sam & Dave) (d. 1988)
1938 Charles Simic Yugoslavian-born poet‚ 15th Poet Laureate of the United States
1939 Ralph Boston American athlete
1939 Pierre Desproges French humorist (d. 1988)
1939 Ion Tiriac Romanian tennis manager
1940 James L. Brooks American film producer and writer
1942 John Ashcroft United States Attorney General
1942 Tommy Roe American singer and songwriter
1943 Vince Cable British politician
1943 Anders Isaksson Swedish journalist‚ writer‚ and historian (d. 2009)
1944 Richie Furay American musician (Poco and Buffalo Springfield)
1944 Laurence Owen American figure skater (d. 1961)
1945 Steve Katz American musician
1946 Candice Bergen American actress
1946 Clint Holmes English-born American singer and songwriter
1948 Hans Georg Bock German mathematician
1948 Calvin Murphy American basketball player
1949 Billy Joel American musician
1951 Alley Mills American actress
1953 Bruno Brokken Belgian high jumper
1953 Amy Hill American actress
1955 Kevin Peter Hall American actor (d. 1991)
1955 Anne-Sofie von Otter Swedish mezzo-soprano
1956 Wendy Crewson Canadian actress
1960 Tony Gwynn American baseball player
1961 Sean Altman American singer (Rockapella)
1962 John Corbett American actor
1962 Dave Gahan English singer (Depeche Mode)
1962 Paul Heaton English singer/songwriter (Beautiful South)
1963 Sanja Dole?al Croatian singer (Novi fosili)
1965 Ken Nomura Japanese racing driver
1965 Janu Tornell American model and Survivor contestant
1965 Steve Yzerman Canadian ice hockey player
1968 David Benoit American basketball player
1968 Marie-Jose Perec French athlete
1969 Amber Dutch musician
1969 Hudson Leick American actress
1970 Doug Christie American basketball player
1970 Ghostface Killah American rapper
1971 Paul McGuigan English bassist (Oasis)
1972 Megumi Odaka Japanese actress and artist
1972 Dana Perino former White House press secretary
1972 Daniela Silivas Romanian gymnast and Olympic Champion
1972 Lisa Ann American Pornographic Actress
1973 Chu Sang-mi South Korean actress
1974 Dylan Lauren American businesswoman & daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren
1975 Brian Deegan freestyle motocross innovator
1975 Chris Diamantopoulos Canadian actor
1975 Lane Kiffin American football coach
1975 Tamia Canadian singer
1977 Choi Jeong-yoon South Korean actress
1977 Maggie Dixon American college basketball coach (d. 2006)
1977 Inigo Landaluze Spanish cyclist
1978 Leandro Damian Cufre Argentine footballer
1978 Santiago Dellap Argentine-born Italian rugby player
1978 Aaron Harang American baseball player
1979 Dionysis Boukouvalas Greek composer‚pianist and musicologist
1979 Pierre Bouvier Canadian musician (Simple Plan)
1979 Rosario Dawson American actress
1979 Matt Morris American singer-songwriter
1979 Andrew W.K. American musician
1979 Brandon Webb American baseball player
1980 Grant Hackett Australian swimmer
1980 Jo Hyeon-jae South Korean actor
1980 Angela Nikodinov American figure skater
1980 Tony Schmidt German racing driver
1981 Bill Murphy American baseball player
1981 Yu Yokoyama Japanese actor and singer
1982 Rachel Boston American actress
1983 Tyler Lumsden American baseball player
1983 Ryuhei Matsuda Japanese actor
1983 Gilles Mller Luxembourgian tennis player
1984 Prince Fielder American baseball player
1985 Jake Long American football player
1985 Audrina Patridge American actress
1988 John Ryan Fitzpatrick Canadian race truck driver
1992 Chris Gutierrez Filipino actor
1993 Ryosuke Yamada Japanese actor and singer
1997 Zane Huett American actor