May 29 Birthdays :147 Famous People Birthdays on 29 May

Paul Ehrlich Birthday (May 29th)

Paul Ehrlich was the great German scientist who is remembered for the great work he did in the filed of physiology and medicine. He contributed his life in the field of medicine and he made many astonishing reveleation, which really made the world astonished. However he is r....

John F Kennedy Biography

The 35th President of The United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest elected to the office at the age of 43. Born in a wealthy family, John was a sickly child. In later childhood also he had various health related problems. Popularly known as Jacky or JFK, John F Kennedy was ....

May 29 Birthday Wishes

May 29 Birthday Wishes

Work hard. Play hard. Eat lots of cake. That’s a good motto for your birthday and for life.

It has been fun so far but the best is still to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

May 29Birthday Quotes

'I was forced to live far beyond my years when just a child‚ now I have reversed the order and I intend to remain young indefinitely.'

Mary Pickford

'The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary.'

Arthur Schopenhauer

People Born on May 29

Year Name
1594 Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim Bavarian general (d. 1632)
1627 Anne Duchess of Montpensier‚ French writer and Princess (d. 1693)
1675 Humphry Ditton English mathematician (d. 1715)
1716 Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton French naturalist (d. 1800)
1722 James FitzGerald 1st Duke of Leinster‚Irish politician (d. 1773)
1736 Patrick Henry American patriot‚> 1st & 6th Governor of Virginia (d. 1799)
1794 Johann Heinrich von Madler German astronomer (d. 1874)
1823 John H. Balsley American carpenter (d. 1895)
1860 Isaac Albeniz Spanish composer (d. 1909)
1863 Arthur Mold English cricketer (d. 1921)
1874 G. K. Chesterton English novelist (d. 1936)
1880 Oswald Spengler German philosopher (d. 1936)
1892 Alfonsina Storni Argentine writer (d. 1938)
1893 Max Brand American author and war correspondent (d. 1944)
1894 Beatrice Lillie Canadian actress (d. 1989)
1894 Josef von Sternberg Austrian-born writer and film director (d. 1969)
1897 Erich Wolfgang Korngold Austrian composer (d. 1957)
1903 Bob Hope British-born comedian and actor (d. 2003)
1905 Sebastian Shaw English actor (d. 1994)
1906 T.H. White British author (d. 1964)
1907 Hartland Molson Canadian businessman and senator (d. 2002)
1911 Armida Mexican-American stage‚ vaudeville and film star (d. 1989)
1913 Tony Zale American boxer (d. 1997)
1914 Stacy Keach Sr. American actor (d. 2003)
1915 Karl Mnchinger German conductor (d. 1990)
1917 John F. Kennedy 35th President of the United States (d. 1963)
1920 John Harsanyi Hungarian-born economist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2000)
1921 Norman Hetherington Australian cartoonist and puppeteer (Mr Squiggle (d. 2010)
1922 Iannis Xenakis Greek composer and architect (d. 2001)
1923 Bernard Clavel French novelist (d. 2010)
1924 Lars Bo Danish artist and writer (d. 1999)
1926 Charles Denner French actor (d. 1995)
1927 Jean Coutu Quebec businessman (Jean Coutu Group)
1929 Harry Frankfurt American philosopher
1932 Richie Guerin American basketball player
1932 Paul R. Ehrlich American biologist and author
1933 Helmuth Rilling German conductor
1937 Charles W. Pickering American jurist
1937 Irmin Schmidt German musician (Can)
1937 Hibari Misora Japanese singer (d. 1989)
1938 Fay Vincent American baseball commissioner
1939 Al Unser Sr. American race car driver
1940 Farooq Leghari Pakistani politician
1940 Taiho Koki Japanese sumo wrestler‚ the 48th Yokozuna
1941 Doug Scott British mountaineer
1942 Pierre Bourque French-Canadian politician
1942 Kevin Conway American actor
1943 Robert W. Edgar American theologian
1945 Gary Brooker English musician (Procol Harum)
1945 Joyce Tenneson American photographer
1946 Fernando Buesa Basque politician (d. 2000)
1947 Gene Robinson American ecclesiastic
1947 Anthony Geary American actor
1948 Nick Mancuso Italian-Canadian actor
1949 Robert Axelrod American actor
1949 Andrew Clements American author
1949 Brian Kidd English footballer
1949 Francis Rossi British musician
1950 Rebbie Jackson American musician
1951 Peter Chernin American television executive
1953 Danny Elfman American musician (Oingo Boingo)
1953 Aleksandr Abdulov Russian actor (d. 2008)
1954 Jerry Moran American politician junior senator of Kansas
1955 David Kirschner American film producers
1955 John Hinckley Jr. American attempted assassin
1955 Sut Jhally Kenyan-born American educator
1955 Ken Schrader American race car driver
1956 LaToya Jackson American singer
1957 Jeb Hensarling American politician
1957 Ted Levine American actor
1958 Annette Bening American actress
1958 Willem Holleeder Dutch criminal
1959 Rupert Everett English actor
1959 Adrian Paul English actor
1960 Carol Kirkwood Scottish weather presenter
1960 Neil Crone Canadian actor
1961 Melissa Etheridge American musician
1962 Eric Davis American baseball player
1962 John D. LeMay American actor
1962 Fandi Ahmad Singapore footballer
1963 Blaze Bayley British singer (Iron Maiden)
1963 Tracey E. Bregman American actress
1963 Ukyo Katayama Japanese racing driver
1963 Lisa Whelchel American actress
1964 Howard Mills III American politician
1967 Noel Gallagher English musician (Oasis)
1967 Mike Keane Canadian hockey player
1967 Steven Levitt American economist
1967 Inaki Ochoa de Olza Spanish mountaineer (d. 2008)
1968 Tate George American basketball player
1969 Chan Kinchla Canadian musician (Blues Traveler)
1970 Natarsha Belling Australian news presenter
1971 Eric Lucas Quebec professional boxer
1971 Bernd Maylander Formula One Safety Car driver
1972 Kozi Japanese visual kei artist
1972 Stanislas Renoult French singer
1972 Bill Curley American basketball player
1972 Simon Jones British musician (The Verve)
1973 Anthony Azizi American actor
1973 Mark Lee American musician (guitarist for Third Day)
1973 Alpay ozalan Turkish footballer
1974 Myf Warhurst Australian radio presenter TV personality
1974 Stephen Larkham Australian rugby player
1974 Aaron McGruder American cartoonist
1975 Melanie Brown English musician and actress (Spice Girls)
1975 Daniel Tosh American comedian
1975 Anthony Wall English golfer
1976 David Buckner American musician (Papa Roach)
1976 Cacapa Brazilian footballer
1976 Jerry Hairston Jr. American baseball player
1976 Yusuke Iseya Japanese model and actor
1976 Raef LaFrentz American basketball player
1976 Egor Titov Russian footballer
1977 Antonio Lebo-Lebo Angolan footballer
1977 Scott Allen American figure skater
1977 Massimo Ambrosini Italian footballer
1977 Danny Gerard American actor
1978 Pelle Almqvist Swedish musician (The Hives)
1978 Sebastien Grosjean French tennis player
1978 Lorenzo Odone American patient (d. 2008)
1978 Adam Rickitt British actor
1979 Brian Kendrick American professional wrestler
1979 Arne Friedrich German football player
1979 John Rheinecker American baseball player
1979 Casey Sheehan American soldier; son of Cindy Sheehan (d. 2004)
1979 Ahmad Latiff Khamaruddin Singapore footballer
1979 Shweta Gulati Indian television actress
1980 Ernesto Farias Argentine footballer
1981 Andrei Arshavin Russian footballer
1981 Justin Chon American actor
1982 Ailyn Spanish singer (Sirenia)
1982 Ana Beatriz Barros Brazilian model
1982 Joanne Borgella American model and singer
1982 Anita Briem Icelandic actress
1982 Matt Macri American baseball player
1983 Joanna Higson English actress
1984 Carmelo Anthony American basketball player
1986 Jaslene Gonzalez Puerto Rican fashion model
1986 Hornswoggle American professional wrestler
1987 Lina Andrijauskaite Lithuanian athlete
1987 Kelvin Maynard Dutch footballer
1987 Timur ozgoz German footballer
1987 Noah Reid Canadian actor
1987 Alessandra Torresani American actress
1989 Riley Keough American model
1991 Kristen Alderson American actress
1992 Gregg Sulkin British Actor