May 28 Birthdays :170 Famous People Birthdays on 28 May

May 28 Birthday Wishes

May 28 Birthday Wishes

You always have such fun birthdays. You should have one every year! Happy Birthday

It doesn?t matter where you are or what you are doing‚ what matters is who you are. I like who you are. Happy Birthday.

May 28Birthday Quotes

'I cried on my 18th birthday. I thought 17 was such a nice age. You’re young enough to get away with things‚ but you’re old enough‚ too.'

Liv Tyler

'One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it?s such a nice change from being young.'

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

People Born on May 28

Year Name
1140 Xin Qiji Chinese poet (d. 1207)
1371 John the Fearless Duke of Burgundy (d. 1419)
1524 Selim II Ottoman Sultan (d. 1574)
1582 William Fiennes 1st Viscount Saye and Sele‚ English statesman (d. 1662)
1588 Pierre Seguier Chancellor of France (d. 1672)
1641 Janez Vajkard Valvasor Slovenian polymath (d. 1693)
1676 Jacopo Riccati Italian mathematician (d. 1754)
1692 Joseph Butler English philosopher (d. 1752)
1738 Joseph-Ignace Guillotin French physician (d. 1814)
1759 William Pitt the Younger Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1806)
1763 Manuel Alberti Argentine priest and head of state (d. 1811)
1779 Thomas Moore Irish poet (d. 1852)
1807 Louis Agassiz Swiss-born zoologist and geologist (d. 1873)
1818 P.G.T. Beauregard American Confederate general (d. 1893)
1836 Alexander Mitscherlich German chemist (d. 1918)
1836 Friedrich Baumfelder German composer‚conductor‚ and pianist (d. 1916)
1837 George Ashlin Irish architect (d. 1921)
1837 Tony Pastor American vaudeville performer (d. 1908)
1841 Sakaigawa Namiemon Japanese sumo wrestler‚ the 14th Yokozuna (d. 1887)
1853 Carl Larsson Swedish painter (d. 1919)
1858 Carl Rickard Nyberg Swedish inventor (d. 1939)
1872 Marian Smoluchowski Polish physicist (d. 1917)
1878 Paul Pelliot French sinologist (d. 1945)
1879 Milutin Milankovic Serbian geophysicist (d. 1958)
1883 Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Indian revolutionary and politician (d. 1966)
1883 Clough Williams-Ellis Welsh architect (d. 1978)
1884 Edvard Benes Czech politician (d. 1948)
1886 Santo Trafficante Sr.Sicilian-born American mobster (d. 1954)
1888 Jim Thorpe/Wa-Tho-Huk American pentathlete‚ decathlete‚ fotball‚ baseball and basketball player (d. 1953)
1888 Kaarel Eenpalu Estonian Prime Minister (d. 1942)
1888 Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot Strange first wife of American poet‚ T.S. Eliot (d. 1947)
1889 Richard Reti Austrian-Czech chess grandmaster (d. 1929)
1892 Sepp Dietrich German officer (d. 1966)
1900 Tommy Ladnier American musician (d. 1939)
1908 Ian Fleming English author (d. 1964)
1909 Red Horner Canadian hockey player (d. 2005)
1910 Georg Ga?mann German politician (d. 1987)
1910 Lady Rachel Kempson English actress (d. 2003)
1910 T-Bone Walker American singer (d. 1975)
1911 Thora Hird British actress (d. 2003)
1911 Fritz Hochwalder Austrian playwright (d. 1986)
1912 Patrick White Australian writer‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1990)
1912 Herman Johannes Indonesian scientist and politician (d. 1992)
1914 W. G. G. Duncan Smith British World War II pilot (d. 1996)
1915 Joseph Greenberg American linguist (d. 2001)
1916 Walker Percy American author (d. 1990)
1917 Papa John Creech American fiddler(d. 1994)
1918 Johnny Wayne Canadian comedian (Wayne and Shuster) (d. 1990)
1921 Heinz G. Konsalik German novelist (d. 1999)
1922 Lou Duva American boxing trainer
1922 Roger Fisher American law professor
1923 Gyorgy Ligeti Hungarian composer (d. 2006)
1923 Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Indian actor and politician (d. 1996)
1925 Blent Ecevit Prime Minister of Turkey (d. 2006)
1925 Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau German baritone
1931 Carroll Baker American actress
1934 Annette Dionne Dionne quintuplets
1934 Cecile Dionne Dionne quintuplets
1934 Emilie Dionne Dionne quintuplets (d. 1954)
1934 Marie Dionne Dionne quintuplets (d. 1970)
1934 Yvonne Dionne Dionne quintuplets(d. 2001)
1936 Betty Shabazz American civil rights activist (d. 1997)
1936 Claude Forget French-Canadian politician
1938 Jerry West American basketball player
1938 Prince Buster Jamaican ska and rocksteady musician
1940 Shlomo Riskin American rabbi‚ founder of the Lincoln Square Synagogue
1941 Beth Howland American actress
1942 Stanley B. Prusiner American neurologist‚ Nobel Prize laureate
1943 Terry Crisp Canadian hockey coach
1943 Elena Souliotis Greek soprano (d. 2004)
1944 Rudy Giuliani 107th Mayor of New York City
1944 Gladys Knight American R&B and soul singer and actress
1944 Patricia Quinn Northern Irish actress
1944 Gary Stewart American singer (d. 2003)
1944 Billy Vera American actor and singer-songwriter
1944 Faith Brown British actress
1945 John Fogerty American singer‚ songwriter and guitarist (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
1945 "Hunter ""Patch"" Adams" American physician and social activist
1945 John N. Bambacus American politician
1946 Satchidanandan Indian poet
1946 Skip Jutze American baseball player
1947 Sondra Locke American actress
1947 Zahi Hawass Egyptian egyptologist
1947 Lynn Johnston Canadian cartoonist
1949 Wendy O. Williams American vocalist (Plasmatics) (d. 1998)
1950 Ian Bradley British writer and academic
1950 Kamala American professional wrestler
1952 Russell J. Wintner American film executive
1953 Arto Lindsay American guitarist and singer
1954 John Tory Canadian politician
1954 Townsend Coleman American voice actor
1954 Youri Egorov Soviet classical pianist (d. 1988)
1955 John McGeoch Scottish guitarist (d. 2004)
1955 Mark Howe American ice hockey player
1956 Julie Peasgood British actress
1956 Jerry Douglas American dobro player
1956 Markus Hottinger Austrian racing driver (d. 1980)
1957 Kirk Gibson American baseball player
1957 Ben Howland American college basketball coach
1957 Colin Barnes English footballer
1959 John Morgan British etiquette expert (d. 2000)
1960 Mark Sanford 115th Governor of South Carolina and Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina
1961 Michelle Collins British actress
1962 Roland Gift English singer (Fine Young Cannibals)
1962 Brandon Cruz American actor
1962 James Michael Tyler American actor
1963 Houman Younessi Iranian-born scientist
1963 Gavin Harrison British drummer (Porcupine Tree)
1964 Jeff Fenech Australian boxer
1964 Armen Gilliam American basketball player
1964 Christa Miller American actress
1964 David Baddiel British comedian and television presenter
1964 Phil Vassar American country singer
1965 Chris Ballew American bassist
1966 Ashley Laurence American film and television actress
1967 Glen Rice American basketball player
1967 Emma Kennedy English television presenter and actress
1968 Kylie Minogue Australian actress and singer
1969 Mike DiFelice American baseball player
1969 Justin Kirk American actor
1969 Rob Ford 64th Mayor of Toronto
1970 Morgan Fox Canadian model and 1990 Playboy playmate
1970 Jimi Goodwin British bassist‚ vocalist and guitarist (Doves)
1970 Ian Cashmore English actor and paranormal investigator
1970 Glenn Quinn Irish actor (d. 2002)
1970 Bobby Bognar American singer (The Piper Downs)
1970 Paul Sinha British stand-up comedian
1971 Isabelle Carre French actress
1971 Marco Rubio American politician‚ senator elect from Florida
1971 Ekaterina Gordeeva Russian figure skater
1972 Michael Boogerd Dutch cyclist
1972 Kate Ashfield British actress
1972 Doriva Brazilian footballer
1973 Marco Paulo Portuguese footballer
1974 Alicia Minshew American actress
1975 Charmaine Sheh Hong Kong actress
1976 Roberto Goretti Italian footballer
1976 Glenn Morrison Australian rugby league player
1976 Alexei Nemov Russian gymnast
1976 Liam O'Brien American voice actor
1977 Jeremy Borash American professional wrestling announcer
1977 Elisabeth Hasselbeck American television panelist (The View)
1978 Rufa Mae Quinto Filipino actress and comedienne
1979 Jesse Bradford American actor
1979 Ronald Curry American football player
1979 Joeri Jansen Belgian athlete
1979 Monica Keena American actress
1980 Mark Feehily Irish vocalist (Westlife)
1980 Miguel Perez Spanish footballer
1981 Daniel Cabrera Dominican baseball player
1981 Eric Ghiaciuc American football player
1981 Adam Green American singer-songwriter
1981 Aaron Schock American politician
1982 Alexa Davalos American actress
1982 Jhonny Peralta Dominican baseball player
1982 Desiree del Valle Filipino actress
1983 Steve Cronin American footballer
1983 Toby Hemingway British actor
1983 Humberto Sanchez Dominican baseball player
1984 Beth Allen New Zealand actress
1985 Colbie Caillat American singer-songwriter
1985 Carey Mulligan British actress
1985 Konstantinos Mendrinos Greek footballer
1986 Berrick Barnes Australian rugby player
1986 Joseph Cross American actor
1986 Charles N'Zogbia French footballer
1986 Michael Oher American football player
1988 Percy Harvin American football player
1988 David Perron Canadian ice hockey player
2010 Prince Louis of Bourbon elder son of Prince Louis‚ Duke of Anjou