May 17 Birthdays :142 Famous People Birthdays on 17 May

Dennis Lee Hopper Birthday (May 17th)

Birth Details of Dennis Lee Hopper Dennis Lee Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas, on May 17, 1936. Personal Details of Dennis Lee Hopper Dennis Lee Hopper parents are Marjorie Mae and Jay Millard Hopper. Dennis family later moved to San Diego. His mother was professionally a lifegua....

May 17 Birthday Wishes

May 17 Birthday Wishes

You are only young once‚ but you can be immature forever. Happy Birthday.

I would like to get on the table and dance for you‚ but my arthritis is acting up. Happy Birthday!

May 17Birthday Quotes

'I once choked on a chip at a friend’s birthday when I was seven and had to be sent home‚ as I’d broken my collarbone coughing.'

Stella Young

'At age fifty‚ everyone has the face he deserves.'

George Orwell

People Born on May 17

Year Name
1155 Jien Japanese poet and historian (d. 1225)
1443 Edmund Earl of Rutland brother of Kings Edward IV of England and Richard III of England (d. 1460)
1551 Martin Delrio Flemish theologian and occultist (d. 1601)
1628 Archduke Ferdinand Charles of Austria Regent of Tyrol (d. 1662)
1682 Bartholomew Roberts Welsh pirate (d. 1722)
1706 Andreas Felix von Oefele German historian and librarian (d. 1780)
1718 Robert Darcy 4th Earl of Holderness‚ English diplomat and politician (d. 1778)
1743 Seth Warner American revolutionary leader (d. 1784)
1749 Edward Jenner English medical researcher (d. 1823)
1758 John St Aubyn British fossil collector (d. 1839)
1768 Caroline of Brunswick German-born Queen consort of George IV of the United Kingdom (d. 1821)
1768 Henry Paget 1st Marquess of Anglesey‚ English general (d. 1854)
1794 Anna Brownell Jameson British writer (d. 1860)
1821 Sebastian Kneipp German naturopathist (d. 1897)
1836 Wilhelm Steinitz Austrian chess player (d. 1900)
1836 Virginie Loveling Belgian writer and poet (d. 1923)
1844 Julius Wellhausen German biblical scholar (d. 1918)
1845 Jacint Verdaguer Catalan poet (d. 1902)
1866 Erik Satie French composer (d. 1925)
1868 Horace Elgin Dodge American automobile manufacturer (d. 1920)
1873 Henri Barbusse French novelist and journalist (d. 1935)
1873 Dorothy Richardson English writer (d. 1957)
1879 Simon Petlyura Ukrainian independence fighter (d. 1926)
1888 Tich Freeman English cricketer (d. 1965)
1891 Princess Alexandra Duchess of Fife (d. 1959)
1891 Napoleon Zervas Greek general and resistance leader during World War II (d. 1957)
1895 Saul Adler FRS Russian-born British-Israeli expert on parasitology (d. 1966)
1895 Mary Josephine Ray Canadian supercentenarian (d. 2010)
1897 Odd Hassel Norwegian chemist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1981)
1898 Alfred Joseph Casson Canadian painter (d. 1992)
1901 Werner Egk German composer (d. 1983)
1903 Cool Papa Bell baseball player (d. 1991)
1904 Jean Gabin French actor (d. 1976)
1906 Zinka Milanov Croatian soprano (d. 1989)
1909 Julius Sumner Miller American physicist (d. 1987)
1911 Lisa Fonssagrives Swedish-born supermodel (d. 1992)
1911 Maureen O'Sullivan Irish actress (d. 1998)
1912 Ace Parker American baseball and football player
1913 Hans Ruesch Swiss racing driver (d. 2007)
1918 Birgit Nilsson Swedish soprano (d. 2005)
1918 A. C. Lyles American film producer
1919 Antonio Aguilar Mexican singer and actor (d. 2007)
1919 Merle Miller American biographer (d. 1986)
1921 Dennis Brain English French horn player (d. 1957)
1921 Bob Merrill American composer and lyricist (d. 1998)
1926 Franz Sondheimer German-born British chemist (d. 1981)
1931 Marshall Applewhite American cult leader of Heaven's Gate (d. 1997)
1934 Friedrich-Wilhelm Kiel German politician
1935 Dennis Potter English writer (d. 1994)
1936 Dennis Hopper American actor and director (d. 2010)
1937 Hazel R. O'Leary 7th United States Secretary of Energy
1938 Jason Bernard American actor (d. 1996)
1939 Gary Paulsen American author
1940 Alan Kay American computer scientist
1940 Reynato Puno Filipino Supreme Court Chief Justice
1941 David Cope American composer and author
1941 Grace Zabriskie American actress
1942 Taj Mahal American musician
1943 Johnny Warren Australian footballer (d. 2004)
1945 Tony Roche Australian tennis player
1946 Udo Lindenberg German musician
1946 F. Paul Wilson American novelist
1948 Dick Gaughan Scottish musician‚ singer and songwriter
1949 Bill Bruford English drummer
1950 Howard Ashman American lyricist (d. 1991)
1950 Janez Drnovsek Slovenian politician (d. 2008)
1950 Valeria Novodvorskaya Russian politician‚ dissident‚ founder and chairwoman of the Democratic Union party
1951 Simon Hughes British politician
1952 Howard Hampton Canadian politician
1953 Luca Prodan Italian-Scottish singer and musician
1955 Bill Paxton American actor and film director
1956 Sugar Ray Leonard American boxer
1956 Bob Saget American actor
1956 Dave Sim Canadian cartoonist
1957 Pascual Perez Dominican baseball player
1958 Paul Di'Anno English singer (Iron Maiden)
1959 Marcelo Loffreda Argentine rugby player and coach
1959 Jim Nantz American broadcaster
1960 Lou DiBella American boxing promoter
1961 Enya Irish singer and songwriter
1962 Craig Ferguson Scottish actor and comedian
1962 Lise Lyng Falkenberg Danish writer
1963 Jon Koncak American basketball player
1963 Page McConnell American musician and songwriter (Phish)
1964 Stratos Apostolakis Greek footballer
1964 Menno Oosting Dutch tennis player (d. 1999)
1965 Trent Reznor American musician (Nine Inch Nails)
1965 Paige Turco American actress
1966 Hill Harper American actor
1966 Mark Kratzmann Australian tennis player
1966 Danny Manning American basketball player
1969 Thom Filicia American television personality
1969 Alan Doyle Canadian musician (Great Big Sea)
1970 Jordan Knight American singer (New Kids on the Block)
1970 Hubert Davis American basketball player
1970 Angelica Agurbash Belorussian singer‚ actress and model
1970 Matt Lindland American mixed martial arts fighter
1971 Shaun Hart Australian footballer
1973 Josh Homme American musician and songwriter (Queens of the Stone Age)
1973 Matthew McGrory American actor (d. 2005)
1973 Sasha Alexander American television actress
1973 Steve Barakatt Canadian composer
1974 Andrea Corr Irish singer (The Corrs)
1974 Wiki Gonzalez Venezuelan baseball player
1974 Eddie Lewis American football (soccer) player
1974 Sendhil Ramamurthy American actor
1975 Cheick Kongo French martial artist
1975 Jonti Picking British cartoonist
1975 Kostas Sommer Greek actor
1975 Laura Voutilainen Finnish singer
1975 Alex Wright German professional wrestler
1976 Jose Guillen Dominican baseball player
1976 Leehom Wang American-born Taiwanese musician and composer
1978 John Foster American baseball player
1978 Paddy Kenny Irish football goalkeeper
1978 Carlos Pena Dominican baseball player
1979 Wayne Thomas English footballer
1980 Davor D?alto Serbian/Croatian art historian
1980 Dallas Taylor American singer (Underoath)
1981 Benat Albizuri Spanish cyclist
1981 Shiri Maimon Israeli singer
1981 Leon Osman English footballer
1981 Giannis Taralidis Greek footballer
1981 Lim Jeong Hee Korean singer
1982 Tony Parker French-American basketball player
1982 Matt Cassel American football player
1982 Reiko Nakamura Japanese swimmer
1983 Channing Frye American basketball player
1983 Nicky Hofs Dutch footballer
1983 Jeremy Sowers American baseball player
1983 Chris Henry American football player (d. 2009)
1984 Christine Robinson Canadian water polo player
1984 Christian Bolanos Costa Rican footballer
1985 Matt Ryan American football player
1985 Derek Hough American dancer and singer
1986 Tahj Mowry American actor
1988 Nikki Reed American actress
1989 Tessa Virtue Canadian ice dancer
1990 Leven Rambin American actress
1991 Adil Omar Pakistani rapper
1991 Daniel Curtis Lee American actor
1996 Ryan Ochoa American teen actor