Matthew Broderick Birthday (March 21st)

Matthew Broderick Birthday (March 21st)

Matthew Broderick is an American stage and film actor.

Matthew Broderick Birth Details

  • Matthew Broderick was born in March 21, 1962 to Patricia and James Wilke Broderick.
  • She was a Jewish and was a playwright, painter and actress by profession. While James Wilke Broderick, a catholic Irish was a Actor by profession.
  • She is birthday is celebrated one among famous birthdays in March

Matthew Broderick Career

  • Matthew Broderick studied at the City and Country School, Manhattan and than her high school from Walden School in Manhattan. The Walden High School had a very good and strong drama program.
  • Matthew's first major role in acting was that in Horton Foote's “On Valentine's day produced by HB Studio Workshop.

Matthew Broderick Initiatives

Matthew Broderick started with a modest beginning and over the course of time acted in a number of movies, plays and television serials. Some of the popular ones are Torch Song Trilogy; Brighton Beach Memoirs; Biloxi Blues; Max Dugan Returns; WarGames; Ladyhawke; Glory; The Lion King; The Cable Guy; Election; How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and many others.

Matthew Broderick Accomplishments

As regards accomplishments Matthew is best known for his role of the title character in the hit movie “Ferris Bueller's Day Off” and also for the role of adult Simba in “Lion King” of Disney Productions. She is also known for the role of Leo Bloom in the Broadway production “The Producers” in the year 2001 and also the movie version in the year 2005.She also received the prestigious Tony Awards for Featured Actor in a Play in the year 1983 and also for Leading Actor in a Musical in the year 1995.

Matthew Broderick Personal Details

As regards personal life Matthew Broderick was first linked with Jennifer Grey whom he met on the sets of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and in fact she was briefly engaged to Jeniffer also. But after this She met Sarah Jessica Parker through her brother. This meeting gradually translated to love and than to marriage. Matthew Broderick and Sarah married in the year 1997 in a civil ceremony. Interesting thing about the marriage ceremony was that it was conducted by she's sister Reverend Janet Broderick Kraft. She is an Episcopal priest. Now the couple has a 5 year old son by the name John Broderick.