MAT Test

What is the MAT Test?

The Millers Analogies Test or the MAT Test as it is better known is the basic aptitude test conducted in the US for admission into graduate school. The purpose of this test is to measure the candidate’s analytical and logical reasoning.

This test is an alternative to the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The duration of the MAT Test is one hour and it consists of 120 questions. The test is created and published by a publishing house called Harcourt Assessment.


The MAT Test is a qualification test for getting admission into graduate school. Therefore, the basic eligibility is that one should have passed high school.

However, it should be noted that MAT eligibility alone is usually not enough to gain admission into a reputed graduate school. Schools conduct their own individual admission tests and conduct their own interviews in addition to the MAT requirement.


The candidate should have a sound knowledge of the English language and should have successfully passed high school.


  • This test is a critical test for those who wish to pursue a graduation, as one of the requirements of graduation schools in the US is to have successfully passed the MAT Test with a good score.
  • To have cleared the MAT Test with a good rank is however only one of the requirements for gaining admission into a good graduate school and different institutions have different requirements to be met.
  • Due to the above reasons, one would be well advised to be aware of different requirements of various graduation schools after successfully completing the MAT Test and before applying to graduate school.


  • There are several websites which offer free and paid material for preparing for the MAT Test.
  • The study material for the test also includes mock question paper with keys so that the candidate can become familiar with the questions that are likely to come and also get an idea of the structure of the paper.
  • The various sections are also described in the study material, to enable the candidate to have some basic idea regarding the categories from which the questions may be asked.
  • There are also coaching centers all over the country which will groom the candidate in all the subjects from which questions are likely to appear in the test.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase study material and CDs from bookstores and study for the test in the comfort of your own home.


The ranking system of the MAT Test does not give a direct score to the candidate. There is a range of scaled scores which range from 200 to 600. The final result is gauged by a standard deviation of points. A percentile figure is also given to indicate the comparative scoring.

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