March 8 Birthdays :176 Famous People Birthdays on 8 March

Stuart Chase Birthday (March 8th)

Stuart Chase "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.” Above mentioned lines were well written by the famous writer and economist Stuart Chase which show the depth of understanding of human behaviors. This economist from America h....

March 8 Birthday Wishes

March 8 Birthday Wishes

I hope that you ’Rock the Casbah’ on your birthday.

Happy Birthday! You’re amazing. Thanks for all.

March 8Birthday Quotes

'I sing a little bit. I got a guitar for my 16th birthday.'

Jesse Plemons

'As you celebrate your Birthday may you only have happiness and great surprises. We wish you all the great things in life.'


People Born on March 8

Year Name
1286 John III Duke of Brittany (d. 1341)
1293 Beatrice of Castile queen of Portugal (d. 1359)
1495 John of God Portuguese-born friar and saint (d. 1550)
1514 Amago Haruhisa Japanese samurai and warlord (d. 1562)
1566 Don Carlo Gesualdo Italian composer (d. 1613)
1659 Isaac de Beausobre French Protestant pastor (d. 1738)
1702 Anne Bonny Irish-American pirate (d. 1782)
1712 John Fothergill English physician (d. 1780)
1714 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach German composer (d. 1788)
1726 Richard Howe 1st Earl Howe‚ Royal Navy admiral of the fleet (d. 1799)
1746 Andre Michaux French botanist (d. 1802)
1748 William V of Orange Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic (d. 1806)
1783 Hannah Van Buren wife of Martin Van Buren (d. 1819)
1799 Simon Cameron 26th U.S. Secretary of War (d. 1889)
1804 Alvan Clark American telescope maker and astronomer (d. 1887)
1814 Ede Szigligeti Hungarian dramatist (d. 1878)
1822 Ignacy Lukasiewicz Polish inventor (d. 1882)
1827 Wilhelm Bleek German linguist (d. 1875)
1830 Joao de Deus Portuguese poet (d. 1896)
1841 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (d. 1935)
1847 John Lister English politician (d. 1933)
1856 Bramwell Booth the 2nd General of The Salvation Army (d. 1929)
1856 Colin Campbell Cooper American Impressionist painter (d. 1937)
1856 Tom Roberts Australian artist (d. 1931)
1859 Kenneth Grahame English author (d. 1932)
1865 Frederic Goudy American type designer (d. 1947)
1872 Anna Held Polish actress and singer (d. 1918)
1879 Otto Hahn German chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1968)
1886 Edward Calvin Kendall American chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1972)
1897 Damerla Rama Rao Indian artist (d. 1925)
1891 Sam Jaffe American actor (d. 1984)
1892 Mississippi John Hurt American blues singer and guitarist (d. 1966)
1892 Juana de Ibarbourou Uruguayan poet (d. 1979)
1896 Charlotte Whitton Canadian politician (d. 1975)
1899 Elmer Keith American firearms developer (d. 1984)
1902 Louise Beavers American actress (d. 1962)
1902 Jennings Randolph America politician (d. 1998)
1907 Constantine Karamanlis Greek politician (d. 1998)
1910 Bernard Benjamin British statistician (d. 2002)
1910 Claire Trevor American actress (d. 2000)
1911 Alan Hovhaness American composer (d. 2000)
1912 Preston Smith America politician (d. 2003)
1914 Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich Russian physicist (d. 1987)
1915 Tapio Rautavaara Finnish athlete‚ actor and singer (d. 1979)
1916 John W. Seybold American businessman (d. 2004)
1920 Douglass Wallop American novelist and playwright (d. 1985)
1921 Alan Hale Jr. American actor (d. 1990)
1921 Fritz Luchsinger Swiss mountaineer (d. 1983)
1922 Ralph H. Baer German-born American inventor
1922 Cyd Charisse American actress and dancer (d. 2008)
1922 Carl Furillo American baseball player (d. 1989)
1922 Shigeru Mizuki Japanese soldier and Mangaka
1922 Evgeniy Matveyev Russian actor and film director (d. 2003)
1924 Georges Charpak Ukrainian-born physicist‚ Nobel laureate
1925 Warren Bennis American educator and author
1926 Francisco Rabal Spanish actor (d. 2001)
1927 Dick Hyman American pianist and composer
1929 Hebe Camargo Brazilian television presenter‚ actress and singer
1930 Bob Grim American baseball player (d. 1996)
1931 Neil Adcock South African Cricket player
1931 John McPhee American writer and professor
1931 Neil Postman American cultural critic (d. 2003)
1933 Evelyn Margaret Ay American beauty pageant winner (d. 2008)
1933 Luca Ronconi Italian theater and opera director
1934 Marv Breeding American baseball player (d. 2006)
1936 Gabor Szab Hungarian guitarist (d. 1982)
1937 Juvenal Habyarimana President of Rwanda (d. 1994)
1938 Pete Dawkins American football player
1939 Jim Bouton American baseball player and author
1939 Lidia Skoblikova Russian skater
1939 Robert Tear Welsh tenor
1940 Susan Clark Canadian actress
1941 Andrei Mironov Soviet actor (d. 1987)
1942 Dick Allen American baseball player
1942 Ann Packer British athlete
1943 Lynn Redgrave English actress (d. 2010)
1944 Buzz Hargrove Canadian labour leader
1944 Sergey Nikitin Russian composer
1944 Palito Ortega Argentine singer and actor
1944 Pepe Romero Spanish guitarist
1945 Bruce Broughton American composer
1945 Jim Chapman American politician
1945 Micky Dolenz American musician
1945 Anselm Kiefer German painter
1946 Randy Meisner American musician
1947 Mike Allsup American musician
1947 Florentino Perez Spanish football executive
1947 Carole Bayer Sager American composer
1948 Peggy March American pop singer
1948 Jonathan Sacks Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth
1949 Karel Lismont Belgian athlete
1949 Antonello Venditti Italian singer-songwriter
1950 Richard Ouzounian Canadian/American theatre director and critic
1952 George Felix Allen American politician
1953 Bob Brozman American musician
1953 Jim Rice American baseball player
1953 Don Werner American baseball player
1954 Cheryl Baker British singer (Bucks Fizz)
1954 David Wilkie Scottish swimmer
1955 Don Ashby Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1981)
1956 Laurie Cunningham English footballer (d. 1989)
1956 John Kapelos Canadian actor
1957 Clive Burr British musician
1957 John Butcher American baseball player
1957 Billy Childs composer/pianist
1957 Cynthia Rothrock American actress
1957 Bob Stoddard American baseball player
1958 Nick Capra American baseball player
1958 Gary Numan British singer
1959 Aidan Quinn American actor
1959 Lester Holt American television journalist
1960 Max Metzker Australian swimmer
1960 Buck Williams American basketball player
1961 Camryn Manheim American actress
1961 Larry Murphy Canadian ice hockey player
1961 Mark Salas American baseball player
1962 Kim Ung-Yong Korean child prodigy
1963 Mike Lalor Canadian ice hockey player
1964 Kate Betts American fashion editor
1964 Thomas Bezucha American screenwriter and director
1964 Lance McCullers American baseball player
1965 Fatima Lopes Portuguese fashion designer
1965 Kenny Smith American basketball player
1967 Joel Johnston American baseball player
1968 Michael Bartels German race car driver
1968 Jim Dougherty American baseball player
1968 Ellen Forney American cartoonist
1968 Shawn Mullins American musician
1970 Andrea Parker American actress
1970 Jason Elam American football player
1971 Kit Symons Welsh footballer
1972 Georgios Georgiadis Greek footballer
1972 Angie Hart Australian pop singer
1972 Fergal O'Brien Irish snooker player
1973 Anneke van Giersbergen Dutch singer
1973 Boris Kodjoe Austrian model
1973 Mark Lukasiewicz American baseball player
1973 Kurt Mollekens Belgian racing car driver
1973 Justin Thompson American baseball player
1974 Mike Moriarty American baseball player
1975 Mauro Briano Italian footballer
1975 Fardeen Khan Indian actor
1975 Peggy Zina Greek singer
1976 Gaz Coombes English singer
1976 Juan Encarnacion American baseball player
1976 Ryan Freel American baseball player
1976 Freddie Prinze Jr. American actor
1976 Hines Ward American football player
1977 James Van Der Beek American actor
1977 Johann Vogel Swiss footballer
1978 Mohammed Bouyeri Dutch-Moroccan assassin
1978 Nick Zano American actor
1979 Tom Chaplin English singer
1979 Andy Ross American guitarist
1980 Charli Delaney Australian singer
1980 Stephen Milne Australian rules footballer
1981 Michael Beauchamp Australian footballer
1981 Timothy Jordan II American musician
1982 Nicolas Armindo French race car driver
1982 Kat Von D Mexican-born tattoo artist
1982 Leonidas Kabantais Greek footballer
1982 Craig Stansberry American baseball player
1983 Mark Worrell American baseball player
1984 Dave Moffatt Canadian musician
1984 Ross Taylor New Zealand cricketer
1984 Sasha Vujacic Slovenian basketball player
1985 Ewa Sonnet Polish model and pop singer
1986 Princess Tsuguko Japanese princess
1988 Armanti Edwards American college football player
1988 Elly Jackson English singer
1989 Robbie Hummel American basketball player
1990 Ben Tozer English footballer
1990 Kristinia DeBarge American R&B singer
1991 Devon Werkheiser American actor
1992 Charlie Ray American actress
2001 Sandra Cantu American homicide victim