March 30 Birthdays :125 Famous People Birthdays on 30 March

Mcgeorge Bundy Birthday (March 30th)

McGeorge Bundy or Mac was born on March 30, 1919 in Boston, Massachusetts. His career achievements include his tenure as United States of America National Security Advisor from the year 1961-1966 under President Johnson and Kennedy. He also served as the president of prestigious ford foundation for ....

Vincent Van Gogh Birthday (March 30th)

Vincent Van Gogh was a popular Dutch Post-Impressionist artist. Vincent Van Gogh paintings and drawings comprises of several of the world's best known, most fashionable and most expensive pieces. Birth Details Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on 30th March 1853 and d....

March 30 Birthday Wishes

March 30 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day and may this be the start of a year filled with love‚ joy and happiness. Stay strong‚ stay positive and may all your dreams continue to come true. Best Wishes Always :)

Have a wonderful day‚ get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday!

March 30Birthday Quotes

'Handmade presents are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.'

Douglas Coupland

'My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person ? he believed in me.'

Audrey Camacho

People Born on March 30

Year Name
1326 Ivan II of Russia Grand Duke of Muscovy (d. 1359)
1432 Mehmed II Ottoman Sultan (d. 1481)
1640 John Trenchard English politician (d. 1695)
1746 Francisco Goya Spanish painter (d. 1828)
1750 John Stafford Smith English composer (d. 1836)
1811 Robert Bunsen German chemist (d. 1899)
1820 Anna Sewell British author (d. 1878)
1844 Paul Verlaine French poet (d. 1896)
1853 Vincent van Gogh Dutch painter (d. 1890)
1857 Leon Charles Thevenin French telegraph engineer (d. 1926)
1864 Franz Oppenheimer German sociologist (d. 1943)
1879 Coen de Koning Dutch ice skater (d. 1954)
1880 Sean O'Casey Irish dramatist (d. 1964)
1882 Melanie Klein British Psychoanalyst (d. 1960)
1892 Stefan Banach Polish mathematician (d. 1945)
1892 Fortunato Depero Italian artist (d. 1960)
1892 Erhard Milch German field marshal (d. 1972)
1894 Sergey Ilyushin Russian aerospace engineer (d. 1977)
1895 Jean Giono French author (d. 1970)
1899 Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay Bengali writer (d. 1970)
1902 Brooke Astor American philanthropist (d. 2007)
1902 Ted Heath British musician and band leader (d. 1969)
1903 Countee Cullen American poet (d. 1946)
1903 Joy Ridderhof American missionary (d. 1984)
1904 Ripper Collins American baseball player (d. 1970)
1905 Albert Pierrepoint English executioner (d. 1992)
1910 Jzef Marcinkiewicz Polish mathematician (d. 1940)
1913 Marc Davis American animator (d. 2000)
1913 Richard Helms American CIA director (d. 2002)
1913 Frankie Laine American singer (d. 2007)
1913 Censu Tabone President of Malta
1914 Sonny Boy Williamson I American musician (d. 1948)
1919 McGeorge Bundy American National Security Advisor (d. 1996)
1922 Turhan Bey Turkish actor
1923 Milton Acorn Canadian poet (d. 1986)
1926 Ingvar Kamprad Swedish entrepreneur
1926 Werner Torkanowsky German conductor (d. 1992)
1927 Peter Marshall American game show host
1928 Robert Badinter French politician
1928 Tom Sharpe English satirical author
1929 Richard Dysart American actor
1930 John Astin American actor
1930 Nicolas Browne-Wilkinson former Lord of Appeal‚ UK
1930 Rolf Harris Australian artist and entertainer
1933 Jean-Claude Brialy French actor and director (d. 2007)
1935 Karl Berger German musicologist and musician
1935 Willie Galimore American football player (d. 1964)
1937 Warren Beatty American actor and director
1940 Jerry Lucas American basketball player
1940 Hans Ragnemalm Swedish professor of public law and judge
1941 Graeme Edge British musician
1941 Wasim Sajjad President of Pakistan
1941 Bob Smith former American politician
1942 Ruben Kun Nauruan politician and former President of Nauru
1943 Ken Forssi American musician (d. 1998)
1945 Eric Clapton British guitarist
1945 Johnnie Walker British DJ
1947 Ryszard Kotla Polish travel writer and activist
1948 Mervyn King British economist
1948 Eddie Jordan Former owner of Jordan Grand Prix
1949 Naomi Sims American fashion model and businesswoman (d. 2009)
1949 Liza Frulla Quebec politician
1949 Ray Magliozzi American radio personality
1950 Robbie Coltrane Scottish actor and comedian
1951 Yves Seguin Quebec politician
1952 Peter Knights Australian footballer and coach
1955 Randy VanWarmer American singer and songwriter (d. 2004)
1956 Bill Butler Scottish politician
1956 Juanito Oiarzabal Basque mountaineer
1956 Shahla Sherkat Iranian feminist journalist
1957 Paul Reiser American actor
1958 Maurice LaMarche Canadian voice actor
1959 Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis New Zealand convicted child abuser
1959 Sabine Meyer German clarinetist
1961 Doug Wickenheiser Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1999)
1962 MC Hammer American rap musician
1962 Bil Dwyer American actor
1963 Eli-Eri Moura Brazilian composer and conductor
1963 Panagiotis Tsalouchidis Greek footballer
1964 Tracy Chapman American singer
1964 Vlado Bozinovski Australian former footballer
1964 Dave Ellett Canadian hockey player
1964 Ian Ziering American actor
1965 Piers Morgan British journalist
1966 Joey Castillo American drummer
1966 Efstratios Grivas Greek chess grandmaster and author
1967 Christopher Bowman American figure skater (d. 2008)
1967 Hayashibara Megumi Japanese voice actress and singer
1967 Richard Hutten designer
1968 Donna D'Errico American actress and model
1968 Celine Dion Canadian singer
1970 Secretariat American racehorse (d. 1989)
1971 Mark Consuelos American actor
1971 Mari Holden American cycle racer
1972 Mili Avital Israeli-American actress
1973 Jan Koller Czech footballer
1973 Matthew Pritchard Welsh stuntman
1975 Paul Griffen New Zealand-born Italian rugby player
1975 Bahar Soomekh American actress
1976 Mark McClelland Northern Irish musician
1976 Ty Conklin American ice hockey player
1976 Obadele Thompson Barbadian athlete
1978 Chris Paterson Scottish rugby player
1979 Norah Jones American musician
1979 Simon Webbe English singer
1980 Ricardo Osorio Mexican footballer
1980 Yalin Turkish singer and songwriter
1981 Jammal Brown American football player
1981 Andrea Masi Italian rugby player
1982 Jason Dohring American actor
1982 Mark Hudson English footballer
1983 Jeremie Aliadi?re French footballer
1983 Zach Gowen American professional wrestler
1983 Scott Moffatt Canadian singer and songwriter
1983 Davis Romero Panamanian baseball player
1983 Hebe Tien Taiwanese singer
1984 Mario Ancic Croatian tennis player
1984 Anna Nalick American singer and songwriter
1984 Samantha Stosur Australian tennis player
1986 Beni Arashiro Japanese singer
1986 Sergio Ramos Spanish footballer
1987 Marc-Edouard Vlasic Canadian hockey player
1990 Lee Gi Kwang Korean singer and dancer
1990 Cassie Scerbo American actress
1994 Sarah Solovay American singer-songwriter