March 14 Birthdays :155 Famous People Birthdays on 14 March

Albert Einstein Birthday (March 14th)

Albert Einstein's contributions to physics are undoubtedly a wonder in worlds of technology and development of the society. Albert Einstein theory comprises of hypothesis of relativity, which resigned mechanics with electromagnetism, and the general speculation of relativity, which unmitigated the ....

March 14 Birthday Wishes

March 14 Birthday Wishes

Here’s to another year of success‚ health and happiness... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Happy birthday!!! I hope you have the best bday!!!! Be happy and keep that beautiful smile you have.

March 14Birthday Quotes

'If you can give your child only one gift‚ let it be enthusiasm.'

Bruce Barton

'For I know the plans I have for you‚? says the Lord. ?They are plans for good and not for disaster‚ to give you a future and a hope.'

Jeremiah 29:11

People Born on March 14

Year Name
1638 Johann Georg Gichtel German mystic (d. 1710)
1681 Georg Philipp Telemann German composer (d. 1767)
1790 Ludwig Emil Grimm German painter and engraver (d. 1863)
1801 Kristjan Jaak Peterson first Estonian poet (d. 1822)
1804 Johann Strauss Sr. Austrian composer (d. 1849)
1807 Josephine of Leuchtenberg queen of Sweden and Norway (d. 1876)
1813 Joseph Philo Bradley U.S. Supreme Court Justice (d. 1892)
1822 Teresa of the Two Sicilies Empress of Brazil (d. 1889)
1823 Theodore de Banville French writer (d. 1891)
1835 Giovanni Schiaparelli Italian astronomer (d. 1910)
1837 Charles Ammi Cutter American librarian (d. 1903)
1851 John Sebastian Little American politician and congressman (d. 1916)
1853 Ferdinand Hodler Swiss painter (d. 1918)
1854 Paul Ehrlich German scientist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1915)
1854 Alexandru Macedonski Romanian writer (d. 1920)
1854 John Lane British publisher (d. 1925)
1854 Thomas R. Marshall 28th Vice President of the United States of America (d. 1925)
1862 Vilhelm Bjerknes Norwegian physicist (d. 1951)
1863 Casey Jones American railroad engineer (d. 1900)
1866 Alexey Troitsky Russian chess problemist (d. 1942)
1869 Algernon Blackwood British writer (d. 1951)
1879 Albert Einstein German-born physicist‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1955)
1880 Princess Thyra daughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark (d. 1945)
1882 Waclaw Sierpinski Polish mathematician (d. 1969)
1885 Raoul Lufbery American World War I pilot (d. 1918)
1886 Firmin Lambot Belgian cyclist (d. 1964)
1887 Sylvia Beach American publisher (d. 1962)
1887 Charles Reisner American silent actor and film director (d. 1962)
1888 Marc-Aur?le Fortin Quebec painter (d. 1970)
1894 Osa Johnson American explorer (d. 1953)
1898 Arnold Chikobava Georgian linguist (d. 1985)
1899 K.C. Irving Canadian industrialist (d. 1992)
1903 Mustafa Barzani Kurdish politician (d. 1979)
1904 Doris Eaton Travis American actress (d. 2010)
1905 Raymond Aron French philosopher (d. 1983)
1908 Ed Heinemann American aircraft designer (Douglas Aircraft) (d. 1991)
1908 Philip Conrad Vincent British motorcycle pioneer (d. 1979)
1908 Maurice Merleau-Ponty French phenomenological philosopher (d. 1961)
1912 Les Brown American bandleader (d. 2001)
1912 Cliff Bastin English footballer (d. 1991)
1912 Charles Van Acker Belgian racing driver (d. 1998)
1912 W. Willard Wirtz American administrator (d. 2010)
1912 W. Graham Claytor Jr. Southern Railway and later Amtrak President (d. 1994)
1914 Lee Elhardt Hays American folk singer (d. 1981)
1914 Bill Owen British actor (d. 1999)
1914 Lee Petty American race car driver (d. 2000)
1915 Alexander Brott Canadian conductor and composer (d. 2005)
1916 Horton Foote American author‚ playwright and screenwriter (d. 2009)
1918 Dennis Patrick American actor (d. 2002)
1920 Hank Ketcham American cartoonist (d. 2001)
1921 S. Truett Cathy founder of Chick-fil-A
1922 Les Baxter American musician and composer (d. 1996)
1923 Diane Arbus American photographer (d. 1971)
1925 William Clay Ford Sr. American owner of the Detroit Lions
1925 Francis A. Marzen American Catholic prelate (d. 2004)
1928 Frank Borman American astronaut and CEO
1928 Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Spanish populariser environmentalist (d. 1980)
1931 Phil Phillips American singer and songwriter
1932 Naina Yeltsina Russia's first First Lady
1933 Sir Michael Caine British actor
1933 Rene Felber former member of the Swiss Federal Council
1933 Quincy Jones American musician and composer
1934 Eugene Cernan American astronaut
1934 Paul Rader the 15th General of The Salvation Army
1936 Bob Charles New Zealand golfer
1939 Raymond J. Barry American actor
1939 Bertrand Blier French film director and screenwriter
1939 Stavros Xarhakos Greek composer
1939 Pilar Bardem Spanish actress
1941 Wolfgang Petersen German director
1942 Rita Tushingham British actress
1944 Bobby Smith English professional footballer and manager
1944 Vaclav Nedomansky Czech hockey player
1943 Anita Morris American actress (d. 1994)
1945 Jasper Carrott British comedian
1945 Michael Martin Murphey American country music singer
1945 Walter Parazaider American saxophonist (Chicago)
1945 Herman van Veen Dutch singer and theatre performer
1946 Steve Kanaly American actor
1946 Wes Unseld American basketball player
1947 Pam Ayres British poet
1947 William J. Jefferson American politician
1948 Tom Coburn American politician
1948 Billy Crystal American actor and comedian
1949 Michael Stedman British World War I historian and author
1950 Rick Dees American disc jockey
1951 Jerry Greenfield American co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
1956 Jonathan Bowen British computer scientist
1956 Colin Ayre British football player
1957 Andrew Robinson British author
1957 Tad Williams American author
1958 Albert II Prince of Monaco
1959 Tamara Tunie American actress
1959 Brian Whitfield former South African cricketer
1960 Kirby Puckett American baseball player (d. 2006)
1961 Greg Anderson American NHRA driver
1961 Penny Johnson Jerald American actress
1961 Hiro Matsushita Japanese racing driver
1962 Narumi Tsunoda Japanese voice actress
1963 Bruce Reid Australian cricketer
1964 Dario Bisso Italian conductor
1965 James Kevin Brown American baseball player
1965 Catherine Dent American actress
1965 Aamir Khan Indian actor
1965 Kiana Tom American fitness guru and model
1965 Kevin Williamson American screenwriter
1966 Elise Neal American actress
1967 Melissa Reeves American actress
1968 Megan Follows Canadian actress
1969 Des Coleman English actor and presenter
1969 Larry Johnson American basketball player
1970 Ebru Kavaklioglu Russian athlete
1970 Meredith Salenger American actress
1974 Patrick Traverse Canadian ice hockey player
1974 Grace Park Canadian actress
1975 Stephen Harper British/English footballer
1975 Johan Paulik Slovak porn star
1975 Wendy Rice American actress
1975 Rico Yan Filipino actor (d. 2002)
1976 Merlin Santana American actor (d. 2002)
1976 Daniel Gillies Canadian born New Zealand actor
1977 Aki Hoshino Japanese model
1978 Pieter van den Hoogenband Dutch swimmer
1978 Carlo Giuliani Italian anarchist (d. 2001)
1979 Nicolas Anelka French footballer
1979 Chris Klein American actor
1979 Love Angolan footballer
1979 Sead Ramovic German-born Bosnian footballer
1979 Anthony Carelli Italian-American professional wrestler
1980 Aaron Brown British/English footballer
1980 Matteo Grassotto Italian racing driver
1980 Ben Herring New Zealand rugby union footballer
1980 Mercedes McNab Canadian-born actress
1981 Bobby Jenks American baseball player
1981 Mei-Ting Sun Chinese-born pianist
1981 George Wilson American football player
1982 Carlos Marinelli Argentine footballer
1982 Francois Sterchele Belgian footballer (d. 2008)
1982 Kate Maberly British actor‚ singer-songwriter
1983 Bakhtiyar Artayev Kazakh boxer
1983 Taylor Hanson American musician
1984 Liesel Matthews American former child actress
1985 Eva Angelina American pornographic actress
1985 Idaira Spanish singer
1985 Brianna Love American pornographic actress
1985 Ariel Rebel Canadian pornographic actress
1986 Jamie Bell British actor
1986 Elton Chigumbura Zimbabwean cricketer
1986 Andy Taylor British/English footballer
1987 Robert Clark American Actor
1988 Stephen Curry American basketball player
1988 Sasha Grey American pornographic actress
1989 Colby O'Donis American musician
1991 Laszl Szucs Hungarian footballer
1992 Jasmine Murray American singer