March 12 Birthdays :178 Famous People Birthdays on 12 March

Captain Walter M. Schirra Birthday (March 12th)

Captain Walter M. Schirra was a famous astronaut who has great importance in the field of astronomy. Captain Walter M. Schirra has done many great deeds for the astronomy fraternity. Captain Walter M. Schirra is remembered as one of those seven Mercury Astronauts, which was named by N....

March 12 Birthday Wishes

March 12 Birthday Wishes

Hope you use your birthday to make some stories that you can’t tell. I look forward to hearing about them. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of your greatest‚ most wonderful year ever!

March 12Birthday Quotes

'I was fired by ’America’s Next Top Model’ on my birthday.'

Paulina Porizkova

'Your age isn’t you. Use today to feel your best‚ celebrate and be your very happiest.'

M. Rivers

People Born on March 12

Year Name
1270 Charles of Valois son of Philip III of France (d. 1325)
1478 Giuliano di Lorenzo de' Medici ruler of Florence (d. 1516)
1607 Paul Gerhardt German hymnist (d. 1676)
1613 Andre Le N?tre French landscape architect (d. 1700)
1620 Johann Heinrich Hottinger Swiss philologist and theologian (d. 1667)
1626 John Aubrey English antiquary and writer (d. 1697)
1637 Anne Hyde wife of James II of England (d. 1671)
1647 Victor-Maurice French general (d. 1727)
1672 Richard Steele Irish writer and politician (d. 1729)
1685 George Berkeley Irish theologian (d. 1753)
1710 Thomas Arne English composer (d. 1778)
1718 Joseph Damer English politician (d. 1798)
1781 Frederica of Baden Queen of Sweden (d. 1826)
1806 Jane Pierce First Lady of the United States (d. 1863)
1821 Sir John Abbott Canadian statesman (d. 1893)
1824 Gustav Kirchhoff German physicist (d. 1887)
1831 Clement Studebaker American automobile executive (d. 1901)
1832 Charles Boycott British land agent (d. 1897)
1835 Simon Newcomb Canadian-born American astronomer and mathematician (d. 1909)
1837 Alexandre Guilmant French organist and composer (d. 1911)
1838 William Henry Perkin English chemist (d. 1907)
1859 Abraham H. Cannon American religious figure (d. 1896)
1863 Gabriele D'Annunzio Italian writer (d. 1938)
1863 Vladimir Vernadsky Russian mineralogist (d. 1945)
1864 W. H. R. Rivers British psychiatrist (d. 1922)
1864 Alice Tegner Swedish composer and organist (d. 1943)
1878 Gemma Galgani Catholic saint and mystic (d. 1903)
1880 Nikolaos Georgantas Greek discus thrower (d. 1958)
1880 Henry Drysdale Dakin British-born American biochemist (d. 1952)
1881 Mustafa Kemal Atatrk first President of Turkey (d. 1938)
1881 Gunnar Nordstrom Finnish physicist (d. 1923)
1883 Zoltan Mesk Hungarian Nazi official (d. 1959)
1889 ?rbergur ?r?arson Icelandic author (d. 1974)
1890 Vaslav Nijinsky Polish ballet dancer (d. 1950)
1890 William Dudley Pelley American spiritualist and politician (d. 1965)
1890 Evert Taube Swedish author and composer (d. 1976)
1891 George W. Mason American industrialist (d. 1954)
1895 William C. Lee American Army general (d. 1948)
1907 Arthur Hewlett British actor (d. 1997)
1907 Dorrit Hoffleit American astronomer (d. 2007)
1908 Rita Angus New Zealand painter (d. 1970)
1910 Masayoshi Ohira Japanese statesman (d. 1980)
1911 Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Mexican statesman (d. 1979)
1912 Irving Layton Canadian poet (d. 2006)
1912 Paul Weston American pianist (d. 1996)
1913 Yashwantrao Chavan Indian politician (d. 1984)
1914 Julia Lennon mother of John Lennon (d. 1958)
1915 Willibald C. Bianchi American Army officer and Medal of Honor winner (d. 1945)
1917 Millard Kaufman American screenwriter (d. 2009)
1917 Googie Withers British actress
1918 Elaine de Kooning American artist (d. 1989)
1919 Mike Stepovich American attorney and last territorial governor of Alaska
1921 Gianni Agnelli Italian auto executive (d. 2003)
1921 lo J?gi Estonian historian and anti-Soviet activist (d. 2007)
1921 Gordon MacRae American singer and actor (d. 1986)
1922 Jack Kerouac American writer (d. 1969)
1922 Lane Kirkland American labor leader (d. 1999)
1923 Hjalmar Andersen Norwegian speed skater
1923 Norbert Brainin Austrian violinist (d. 2005)
1923 Wally Schirra American astronaut (d. 2007)
1923 Mae Young American professional wrestler
1923 Hanne Hiob German actress (d. 2009)
1925 Louison Bobet French cyclist (d. 1983)
1925 Georges Delerue French film composer (d. 1992)
1925 Leo Esaki Japanese physicist‚ Nobel laureate
1925 Harry Harrison American author
1926 George Ariyoshi American politician
1927 Raul Alfonsin Argentine politician (d. 2009)
1928 Edward Albee American dramatist
1928 Ther?se Lavoie-Roux Quebec politician and senator
1928 Aldemaro Romero Venezuelan musician (d. 2007)
1929 Win Tin Burmese journalist
1930 Vernon Law American baseball player
1931 Herbert Kelleher American airline executive
1931 "Billie ""Buckwheat"" Thomas" American actor (d. 1980)
1932 Barbara Feldon American actress and model
1932 Andrew Young American civil rights activist and politician
1935 John Doherty English footballer (d. 2007)
1936 Patrick Procktor English artist (d. 2003)
1936 Eddie Sutton American college basketball coach
1938 Johnny Rutherford American automobile racer
1938 Dimitri Terzakis Greek composer
1940 Al Jarreau American singer
1940 M.A. Numminen Finnish singer and writer
1942 Ratko Mladic Serbian military commander
1942 Jimmy Wynn American baseball player
1945 Sammy Gravano American organized crime figure
1946 Liza Minnelli American singer and actress
1946 Frank Welker American voice actor
1946 Peter Whalley British television writer and author
1946 Serge Turgeon Quebec actor and union leader (d. 2004)
1947 Kalervo Palsa Finnish artist (d. 1987)
1947 Mitt Romney American politician
1947 Peter Harry Carstensen German politician
1948 James Taylor American musician
1948 Kent Conrad American politician
1948 Virginia Bottomley British politician
1949 Rob Cohen American film director‚ producer and writer
1949 Moctesuma Esparza Mexican producer and filmmaker
1949 Natalia Kuchinskaya Soviet gymnast
1950 Javier Clemente Spanish football manager
1950 Jon Provost American actor
1950 Wheeler Winston Dixon American filmmaker‚ critic and author
1952 Naomi Shihab Nye American poet‚ songwriter and novelist
1953 Carl Hiaasen American journalist and author
1953 Ron Jeremy American pornographic actor
1953 Madhav Kumar Nepal Nepalese politician
1956 Steve Harris American musician
1956 Dale Murphy American baseball player
1957 Patrick Battiston French footballer
1957 Marlon Jackson American singer and musician
1958 Matt Millen American football player
1960 Kipp Lennon American singer
1960 Minoru Niihara Japanese singer
1960 Maki Nomiya Japanese singer
1960 Courtney B. Vance American actor
1961 Joseph Facal Quebec politician
1962 Darryl Strawberry American baseball player
1962 Julia Campbell American actress
1963 Ian Holloway English football manager
1963 Joaquim Cruz Brazilian runner
1965 Steve Finley American baseball player
1965 Shawn Gilbert American baseball player
1965 Steve Levy American sports journalist
1965 Coleen Nolan British singer
1965 Liza Umarova Chechen torch singer
1966 Grant Long American basketball player
1966 John Thompson III American basketball coach
1967 Julio Dely Valdes Panamanian footballer
1968 Aaron Eckhart American actor
1968 Tammy Duckworth American politician
1969 Graham Coxon English musician (Blur)
1969 Jake Tapper American journalist
1970 Dave Eggers American writer‚ editor & publisher
1970 Ray Prewitt American actor
1970 Roy Khan Norwegian singer
1970 John Nemechek American NASCAR driver (d. 1997)
1970 Rex Walters American basketball player
1971 Tony Eveready American adult film actor
1971 Isaiah Rider American basketball player
1972 Hector Luis Bustamante Colombian actor
1972 James Maritato American wrestler
1974 Chris Parr American basketball player
1974 Steve Price Australia rugby league player
1975 Kelle Bryan English singer
1975 Todd Rock American state legislator
1975 Herman Li Cantonese guitarist
1975 Annabel Port English radio presenter
1976 Zhao Wei Chinese actress
1977 Ramiro Corrales American footballer
1978 Masuimi Max American model
1978 Christianne Klein American journalist and television personality
1978 Casey Mears American auto racer
1978 Claudio Sanchez American musician
1978 Arina Tanemura Japanese mangaka
1979 Rhys Coiro American actor
1979 Pete Doherty English musician
1979 Nidia Guenard American wrestler
1979 Shaun Rogers American football player
1979 Edwin Villafuerte Ecuadorian footballer
1980 Douglas Murray Swedish ice hockey player
1981 Maurizio Lauro Italian footballer
1981 Kenta Kobayashi Japanese wrestler
1982 Samm Levine American actor
1982 Zach Miner American baseball player
1982 Tobias Schweinsteiger German footballer
1983 Atif Aslam Pakistani singer
1984 Jaimie Alexander American actress
1984 Shreya Ghoshal Indian singer
1985 Bradley Wright-Phillips English footballer
1986 Danny Jones English singer (McFly)
1986 Ben Offereins Australian athlete
1987 Chris Seitz American footballer
1987 Teimour Radjabov Azerbaijani chess player
1988 Konstantinos Mitroglou Greek footballer
1988 La Roux English singer
1989 Tyler Clary American swimmer
1994 Tyler Patrick Jones American actor