March 10 Birthdays :135 Famous People Birthdays on 10 March

Carrie Underwood Birthday (March 10th)

Carrie Underwood Importance Carrie Underwood is one of the most popular American pop country music singer and also songwriter who won the fourth season of American Idol. Carrie Underwood is presently the pop star idol of American and she possesses a big craze amongst the y....

Marcello Malpighi Birthday (March 10th)

Marcello Malpighi was an Italian physiologist which may be considered as the founder of microscopic anatomy as he was among the first few persons to use microscope for study of vegetable and animal structure. Marcello Malpighi Birth and Early Times Marcello Malpighi was bo....

Morgan Tsvangirai Birthday (March 10th)

Morgan Tsvangirai Birth Details Tsvangirai was born in 10th March 1952, in Gutu, Rhodesia. Early Life of Morgan Tsvangirai •Morgan Tsvangirai was the son of a carpenter and bricklayer. •Morgan Tsvangirai had nine siblings. •Morgan Tsvangirai left his school in 1974. •Mor....

March 10 Birthday Wishes

March 10 Birthday Wishes

I hope and pray this is the best birthday yet:) May you have many‚many‚many more successful years to come. Add a huge dose of happiness to.‚ it HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a blast!!!

March 10Birthday Quotes

'My mother still sends a cake to the office for my birthday.'

David Ulevitch

'As the years go by everything changes and you keep changing for the better. Happy Birthday'

Catherine Pulsifer

People Born on March 10

Year Name
1503 Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1564)
1536 Thomas Howard 4th Duke of Norfolk‚ English politician (d. 1572)
1628 Marcello Malpighi Italian physician (d. 1694)
1709 Georg Steller German naturalist (d. 1746)
1745 John Gunby American soldier (d. 1807)
1749 Lorenzo da Ponte Italian librettist (d. 1838)
1769 Joseph Williamson English philanthropist (d. 1840)
1772 Friedrich von Schlegel German aesthetician (d. 1829)
1776 Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Queen consort of Prussia (d. 1810)
1787 William Etty English painter (d. 1849)
1787 Francisco de Paula Martinez de la Rosa Spanish statesman and dramatist (d. 1862)
1788 Joseph von Eichendorff German writer (d. 1857)
1810 Samuel Ferguson Irish poet (d. 1886)
1842 Mykola Lysenko Ukrainian composer (d. 1912)
1844 Pablo de Sarasate Spanish violinist (d. 1908)
1846 Edward Baker Lincoln son of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln (d. 1850)
1847 Kate Sheppard New Zealand suffragist (d. 1934)
1850 Spencer Gore British tennis player and cricketer (d. 1906)
1880 Broncho Billy Anderson American actor (d. 1971)
1881 Thomas Quinlan musical impresario (d. 1951)
1887 Toshitsugu Takamatsu Grandmaster of Ninjutsu (d. 1972)
1888 Barry Fitzgerald Irish actor (d. 1961)
1892 Arthur Honegger French-born Swiss composer (d. 1955)
1892 Gregory La Cava American director (d. 1952)
1899 Robert Meier German WW1 veteran (d. 2007)
1900 Pandelis Pouliopoulos secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (d. 1943)
1903 Bix Beiderbecke American musician (d. 1931)
1905 Betty Amann German-American actress. (d. 1990)
1905 Richard Haydn English actor (d. 1985)
1915 Harry Bertoia Italian artist (d. 1978)
1915 Sir Charles Groves English conductor (d. 1992)
1917 Frank Perconte American sergeant.
1918 Gnther Rall German ace fighter pilot (d. 2009)
1919 Marion Hutton American singer (d. 1987)
1920 Alfred Peet Dutch-American entrepreneur (d. 2007)
1920 Boris Vian French writer and musician (d. 1959)
1923 Val Logsdon Fitch Nobel laureate
1925 Manolis Anagnostakis Greek poet (d. 2005)
1928 Sara Montiel Spanish actress and singer
1928 James Earl Ray American assassin (d. 1998)
1931 Georges Dor Quebecois author‚ playwright‚ singer and songwriter (d. 2001)
1935 Graham Farmer Australian rules footballer
1936 Sepp Blatter Swiss FIFA President
1936 Alfredo Zitarrosa Uruguayan Vocals and journalist (d. 1989)
1937 Joe Viterelli American actor (d. 2004)
1940 Chuck Norris American actor
1940 Dean Torrence American singer (Jan and Dean)
1945 Birgitta Sellen Swedish politician
1946 Hiroshi Fushida Japanese racing driver
1946 Mike Hollands Australian animator
1946 Jim Valvano American basketball coach (d. 1993)
1947 Kim Campbell 19th Prime Minister of Canada
1947 Paul Condon Baron Condon
1947 Bob Greene American journalist
1947 Tom Scholz American songwriter and guitarist (Boston)
1948 Austin Carr American basketball player
1948 Richard Park British media consultant and broadcaster
1949 Bill Buxton Canadian computer scientist and designer
1952 Mike O'Donnell American Composer
1952 Morgan Tsvangirai Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
1953 Paul Haggis Canadian film director
1955 Toshio Suzuki Japanese racing driver
1955 Youssra Egyptian actress and singer
1956 Mitchell Lichtenstein American actor
1956 Robert Llewellyn Writer‚ Actor‚ Presenter
1957 Osama bin Laden Islamist and leader of al-Qaeda
1957 Matt Knudsen American actor
1957 Shannon Tweed Canadian actress and model
1957 Jim White American folk singer-songwriter
1958 Steve Howe American baseball player (d. 2006)
1958 Sharon Stone American actress
1960 Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen German keyboardist and songwriter
1960 Anne MacKenzie journalist and broadcaster
1961 Laurel Clark physician and astronaut (d. 2003)
1961 Mitch Gaylord American gymnast
1961 Pam Oliver American sportscaster
1961 Bobby Petrino American football coach
1962 Seiko Matsuda Japanese pop singer
1963 Jeff Ament American musician
1963 Rick Rubin American record producer
1964 Neneh Cherry Swedish musician
1964 Prince Edward Earl of Wessex
1964 David Faber American television reporter
1964 Jasmine Guy American actress
1965 Rod Woodson American football player
1966 Edie Brickell American singer
1966 Grainne Mulvey Irish composer
1966 Mike Timlin American baseball player
1967 Daichi Suzuki Japanese swimmer
1968 Felice Arena Australian children's author
1968 Thio Li-ann Singaporean law professor and NMP
1969 Paget Brewster American actress
1970 Matt Barlow American singer
1970 Michel van der Aa Dutch composer
1971 Steve Arnold British racing driver
1971 Jon Hamm American actor
1971 Timbaland American rapper
1972 Takashi Fujii Japanese television performer
1972 Matt Kenseth American race car driver
1972 Paraskevi Tsiamita Greek athlete
1973 Eva Herzigova Czech model
1973 John LeCompt American guitarist
1973 Chris Sutton English footballer
1973 Dan Swano Swedish musician
1973 Mauricio Taricco Argentine footballer
1974 Cristian de la Fuente Chilean model and actor
1975 Lyne Bessette Canadian bicycle racer
1975 Jerry Horton American guitarist
1976 Kisaki Japanese musician
1976 Haifa Wehbe Lebanese actress‚ model and singer
1977 Peter Enckelman Finnish footballer
1977 Shannon Miller American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist
1977 Colin Murray British radio DJ
1977 Rita Simons English actress
1977 Robin Thicke American singer
1977 Bree Turner American dancer and actress
1978 Neil Alexander Scottish Footballer
1978 Ben Burnley American musician
1979 Edi Gathegi American actor
1981 Samuel Eto'o Cameroonian footballer
1981 Steven Reid English-born footballer
1982 Kwame Brown American basketball player
1983 Che'Nelle Malaysian Australian Singer
1983 Rafe Spall English Actor
1983 Carrie Underwood American country singer
1983 Reena Virk Canadian murder victim (d. 1997)
1984 Ben May English footballer
1984 Olivia Wilde American actress
1985 Lassana Diarra French footballer
1985 Casey Dienel American singer-songwriter
1986 JC de Vera Filipino Actor
1987 Martellus Bennett American football player
1988 Michael Dunlop Northern Irish motorbike racer
1988 Ivan Rakitic Croatian Footballer
1992 Emily Osment American actress and singer