Luther Burbank Birthday (March 7th)

Luther Burbank Birthday (March 7th)

Luther Burbank was a pioneer in the field of agricultural science as he developed not less than 800 varieties of flora in his long stretched career of 55 years. This famous American horticulturist has not only developed flowers, fruits,grains and vegetables but grasses as well for the betterment of life on the earth.

Luther Burbank Early days

Luther Burbank was born on 7th March, 1849 inLancaster in Massachusetts and grew up in a farm.He was not able to get higher education as Luther Burbank had 17 more brothers and sisters who were responsibility of Luther Burbank parents. The thirteenth child of his parents he enjoyed the company of plants of his family garden which was a large one as well. After elementary education he started working in that garden and really liked the work. His father died when Burbank was only 21 but this incident matured him as a person. In next very year, He bought a plot of 17 acre which was near Lunenburg. His birthday treated among famous birthdays of march.

Luther Burbank Career

Luther Burbank started his works and experiments there and he took no time to come up with Burbank potato. In 1875, He sold rights of this potato to travel Santa Rosa and this journey was really fruitful for his life as for as he next experiments are concerned. Burbank bought a land of 4 acre in Santa Rosa and it became laboratory for his works as he was much inspired by Charles Darwin and his book The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. After few years he bought another land near Sebastopol which had area of 18 acre and later became famous as Gold Ridge Farm.

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Luther Burbank Accomplishments

Luther Burbank developed more than hundred plum and prunes, ten cherries, 16 blackberries, 35 fruiting cacti, 11 quinces, 13 raspberries, ten strawberries and ten apples. Not only this, He also developed nine types of grains and grasses, 26 types of Vegetables and more than 90 types of ornamentals. He is well liked for the development of a spineless cactus which is very useful for feeding the cattle.

It is not easy to list all the accomplishments of this great agriculturist in words as he had numerous inventions through his experiments. Most successful varieties include Shasta daisy,July Elberta Peach, Fire poppy, Flaming Gold nectarine, Freestone peach, Wickson peach, whiteblackberry and Burbank potato. The large sized potato with reddish-brown skin and whitish flesh is renowned as Russet Burbank potato and it is world’s most used processing potato now.

The wizard of agriculture died in year 1926 and his  relatives buried him under Cedar of a Lebanon tree which was planted by Burbank himself in 1893. To memorize his accomplishments for society, his birthday is celebrated as an Arbor Day in California.