Lumpy Rug Day 2017

Everyone likes to get into a bit of spring cleaning and make the house look nice at least once a year. We look at stuff at home getting shabbier and shabbier by the day without realizing it. Then, suddenly one day, you trip over that rug that has more lumps in it than the sugar bowl and you realize that its time to take things in hand.

National Lumpy Rug day is what can change all that. This is a day devoted to clearing out those lumpy rugs and making your home just a bit more habitable. National Lumpy Rug Day is observed on the 3rd of May each year.

Activities on this Day

  • The first and foremost thing to do would be to get rid of all the rugs which are looking shabby and replace them with new ones.

  • This is not a day for just lumpy rugs. National Lumpy Rug Day is basically symbolic of spring cleaning and getting rid of all your junk.

  • On this day, you could do a little experimentation with furniture rearrangement.

  • You could also do a bit of painting around the house to touch up furniture and fixtures which need a coat of paint.

  • You can involve your whole family in housecleaning activities and make it a bonding experience for the whole family and before you know it your home might end up looking really adorable.

This year, do not be unprepared on National Lumpy Rug Day. Do lots of stuff which will make you and your family look forward to this day each year.

Lumpy Rug Day 2017