Low Cost Universities for International Students in USA

US education is a great dream for many students and the wide range of low cost universities for international students in USA helps make that dream become reality. Generally, the universities have different tuition fee cadres for residents and non-residents of the state in which the institutes are located. Moreover, they have additional fees for many things, exclusively for international students. All these, along with the need to afford on-campus boarding and lodging, books, transportation and other living expenses, make US education very expensive for many students from across the world.

The premier universities like the Stanford and Princeton usually charge more for their courses when compared to what the state and other private institutions charge. Tuition fees in the state universities tend to be the cheapest, followed by the private institutions that conduct many research. State educational institutes receive many federal grants and aids and hence, are able to offer less expensive education. Even though the state institutions are the low cost universities for international students in USA, they do not compromise on their educational and research facilities.

List of Low Cost Universities for International Students in USA

Following are some of the universities with the lowest out-of state tuition fees.

  • University of Houston - $10,000 (Known for its Telecom courses)
  • University of Missouri - $11,000 (Has reputable Electromagnetic programs)
  • Texas A&M University - $11,000 (Offers good financial aid)
  • San Diego State University - $11, 160 (Has top International Business programs)
  • University of Dayton - $12,000 (Known for its Aerospace programs)
  • University of Texas, Arlington - $12,500
  • Louisiana State University - $12,619 (Offers full and partial scholarship programs)
  • University of Buffalo - $13,000 (Known for its Ph.D. programs)
  • University of Utah - $14,000 (Known for EE/CS programs)
  • University of Texas, Dallas - $15,500
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte - $15,500
  • Clemson University - $16,000

Even though, many of the other private and state universities have not featured in the list of low cost universities for international students in USA, they make up through their grants and scholarships. The Harvard, Yale and Princeton though are expensive have excellent aid programs. These aids cover almost 50-80% of the tuition fees in these Ivy League institutes. Being the top institutes in the world, they are highly sought after. In some universities, international students based on their academic performance and excellence can qualify for resident fees.

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