Love Your Pet Day 2017

‘Love your Pet Day’ is the day to indulge your pet. ‘Love your pet day’ is celebrated on February 20th every year. ‘Love your pet day’ is the day when people have an excuse to spend time with their pets and to treat them with special gifts and care. People will just love their pets whether it is a dog, cat, fish, snake or your pet rock, just give them lots of attention and loads of love.

If you are one of those people who don’t have a pet, then Love your pet day is the right day to adopt a pet. You can adopt a pet from any local pet shelter or Humane Society and bring a cute animal, which desperately needs a home and a care taker.

Now-a-days with our busy life styles we are not getting enough time to spend with our pet. So, this day is the day you can pamper your pet and enjoy. Below are the few instructions on how to spend the Love your pet day.

Take your pet for a walk: - This is the nice way to show appreciation and get some exercise for both of you. Choose a pet friendly area and you can leave your dog from leash and have fun by running and chasing.

Give them a special treat: - These days we have a lot of pet stores where we can get lots of better treats for our pets. You can even decorate their cage and surprise the pet.

Give them a bath filled with love: - No animal hates bath except cats. Make the pets feel comfortable and clean.

Make toys with your own creativity for them: - By using toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls make a fun toy and play with your pet.

Take your pet to a pet saloon: - Make a visit to the saloon and spa for pets and pamper your pet with all the treatments.

Give them extra attention: - Just to show the pets that you really care, ‘Love your pet day’ is to give that extra attention, so that both you and your pet feel good.

Make home meal for your Pet: - Give them a change from their can food to a homemade meal on this special day.

Pets bring a smile to your face when you are having a stressful day. When you are feeling lonely, they curl up next to you on the couch, and the pets will love you unconditionally. So all the pets deserve a full day of love on ‘Love your pet day’.

Pets provide excellent social support, relief from stress and many other health benefits, even more than people do! People feel less stressed when their pets are with them. When doing a stressful task pets do a better job in lessening stress than a supportive friend or spouse. Whichever pet you have, on ‘Love your pet day’ make sure that you provide lots of pamper, love and treats.

Love Your Pet Day 2017