Look Up At the Sky Day 2017

Significance of Look up at the Sky Day

Looking up at the sky is one of the best ways to relax oneself, be it a spring evening or during the early morning hours or whilst going to bed. It makes us wonder the beautiful creation of God!

But have you ever wondered a National day to celebrate Look up at the Sky Day!? No perhaps! But yes, the government though has not declared April 14th as an official holiday to celebrate this day; many take a day off to have fun with family and friends.

How to celebrate Look up At the Sky Day

Most often activities to celebrate this day include,

  1. Asking children to observe the night before this holiday and share their thoughts with their classmates.
  2. Traditional families and friends call for a night-out party under the sky and play games like counting the stars, noticing what characters they see in the violet sky as the clouds move.

Facts about Look up At the Sky Day

The fact about Look up at the Sky Day is the every living creature can look at the sky, but not pigs! Yes, pigs!

Things to do on Look up At the Sky Day

To celebrate this day, people can plan a day off and head to a beach-party with friends and family, play games, bon-fire and observe the beauty of the dark night.

Look Up At the Sky Day 2017