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LoadRunner is a testing program which was developed by Hewlett Packard and works on Microsoft Windows and the Linux operating system.   It is a software testing program – its main job is to check how systems behave and perform and generate information on load. 


As an automated performance testing tool, it is used to simulate and get results of application usage based on real time user load and results are analyzed for why certain behaviors occur. 

The biggest advantage of the program is that there is no need for installation on the test server.  It uses ANSI C – which is the default language along with VisualBasic and Java. The interface used for monitoring and analysis is really good as reports are presented in an understandable format.  It supports most protocols and offers excellent tutorial programs, extensive documentation and support from HP.

LoadRunner Course Details:

Here is a list of the modules which one will need to use the program efficiently and effectively.

  • LoadRunner Testing – Volume, Performance and Load
  • Types of Testing – Planning, Scheduling and Coordinating Tests
  • VuGen – Introduction to protocols in this environment and how to set up VuGen
  • Virtual Generator
    Parameters for Vuser Scripts
  • Controller – how to set up scenarios and related issues
  • Generators – managing controller options, configuring rendezvous points, and many other aspects.

How to pick the right online LoadRunner training center:

There are several online training centers which offer testing courses. Microsoft training institutes offer training in LoadRunner.  After all, with so much automation, it is vital for companies to be prepared and up to date in different areas.

Price details:

Prices will depend on individual centers – the bigger a team, the better discount that one can expect.

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