List of Protests in Brazil

No Demand Starting People Involved Approved By Result
1 Reduction in the prices of public transport (Metro, Train and Bus) 2013 N/A Governments Jun-13
2 Revocation of (Bill - PEC 37) that hindered the Public Ministry to investigate 2013 N/A Congress Jun-13
3 Destination of petroleum royalties to education (75%) and Health (25%) 2013 N/A Congress Jun-13
4 Criminalization of all forms of corruption and embezzlement as heinous crimes 2013 N/A Congress Pending
5 The end of Secret vote in Congress for forfeiture of office 2013 N/A Congress Pending
6 The end of all taxes in the public transport (metro, train, bus and ship) 2013 N/A Congress Jun-13
7 National Pact to improve education, health, public transport 2013 N/A Government established Jun-13
8 National Pact to fiscal responsibility and control of inflation 2013 N/A Government established Jun-13
9 Implementation of federal plebiscite to politic reform in the country 2013 N/A Government established Pending
10 Revocation of (Bill - PDL 234) "Gay cure" authorizing sexual orientation conversion therapy by psychologists 2013 N/A Congress Jul-13
11 Destination of 10% of the Brazilian GDP to education 2013 N/A Congress announced Pending
12 Implementation of Free pass to the students enrolled regularly 2013 N/A Congress announced Pending
13 Revocation of (Bill - PEC 33) undergoing decisions of Supreme Court to Congress 2013 N/A No discussion Pending
14 The end of privileged forum 2013 N/A No discussion Pending

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