Learn About Butterfly Day 2017

Watching Butterflies in the garden bring delight to young and old alike. Butterflies are beautiful creations of God and are a threat to our eyes.

To know more about butterflies, March 14th is celebrated as “Learn about butterflies” day. This day is dedicated to know about these beautiful creatures, appreciate their beauty. Though the origin of this day is unknown, yet it is celebrated as a fun day by butterfly lovers.

It is celebrated in March, during spring when the bloom of flowers are maximum and we can do a little learning about these colorful, winged creatures.

To keep up the spirit of the day, people try to learn a little more about the varieties of butterflies. There are vices like butterfly identification book and books on how to attract butterflies to the yards.

Nectar is the sole reason why flowers attract butterflies. Hence to attract butterflies, we need to know which flowers have more nectar. The more nectar the plants in yard have, the popular they will be for the butterflies. Apart from butterflies nectar will attract bees and birds also.

Some facts about butterflies:

1. Butterflies taste with their feet
2. Butterflies are found everywhere in the world, except in very cold areas
3. A butterfly has four stages in its lifecycle. First it is an egg from which it becomes a caterpillar. Then it transforms into a pupa and finally emerges the butterfly.

Learn About Butterfly Day 2017