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With people entering into disputes for various reasons with other individuals and also with other companies, the words ‘lawyers’, ‘law firms’ and ‘litigation law’ are heard much more often than they used to be earlier. This is the case especially in the U.S. We all know who lawyers are and what law firms do. But litigation law? Many are not aware of what these words mean.

Lawyers, law forms and litigation law

As we all know, a lawsuit involves controversies or disagreements between two parties within the legal ambit. During such a process, if one party sues the other, it is called litigation and the law which governs this is called litigation law. Civil law and tort law bear close relationship to litigation law.

The entire procedure of introducing and then pursuing a lawsuit is called litigation. One party files a lawsuit to fight for his rights or correct a wrong done to him by another party. The lawsuit will be decided upon by a judge or jury.

Role of Lawyers

Although litigation law is quite complicated, in a few cases, the litigant can fight his own case. This means that he will not hire lawyers, law firms. And litigation law procedure will be handled by the litigant. He will prepare for and argue the case. But it is a better idea to appoint lawyers who are also called ‘litigators’. This is the recommended option because ordinary litigants lack specialized knowledge of the law. They are unaware of the complicated rules and legal procedures and therefore will not be able to use them to their advantage. This weakness can be easily exploited by the lawyers of the other party to the detriment of the party who is fighting his own case.

How to find law firms?

There are hundreds of law firms in each state in the U.S. whom one can approach in the case of litigation. An Internet search will display lawyer directories as well as websites of individual lawyers and law firms. The litigants can approach one of these firms located in their city or town to fight their case.

Although people try to avoid lawyers, law firms and litigation law, there are situations when one has no option but to take recourse to them.

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