Las Posadas Crafts

Las Posadas is a time for grand celebrations and partying. The Mexicans hold Nativity to that highest regard that they start again with the Las Posadas. Many people enjoy the grand celebrations by taking part in re-enactment of Birth of Jesus Christ, attending Pastoreals or plays.

In the present days the Piñatas are made out of cardboard and paper Mache procedure and embellish it with the colourful crepe papers. Crepe has been deployed in the place of fruits and candies as the broken piñatas may hurt children. The piñatas structure is made of cardboard to avoid clay pieces cutting or scratching the children. Besides the traditional star, the piñatas are made in various shapes using trendy vibrant colours to appeal the children. 

Little children can make their own candle for the Las Posadas procession using the instructions given below. Take a toilet tissue tube and cover it with a colourful sheet of tissue paper. Make sure the tissue covers one end completely by tucking the excess paper into the open end tube. Take a jar lid and paste the tube to the jar lid using tape and decorate the lid with colourful papers or may even use plastic holiday greenery or paper holly. Take a cardboard and cut into a shape of flame and pattern it with yellow construction paper and insert into the slit of the tube. Celebrate the Mexican holiday of Los Posadas by making a Los Posadas candle and a miniature piñata.

This amazing colourful candle can be used as a decoration piece or else you can even carry this to the Posadas procession with your friends or family members.

To make a miniature piñata all you need is Styrofoam egg cartons, yarn, felt pens or paint, wrapped candy pieces, tissue paper, glue and scissors.  Make a miniature piñata and use it as a decoration piece on your Christmas tree. Draw an egg cup on your carton. Cut and trim the edges of the egg cup and decorate it with colourful papers and shimmery material. Push a piece of yarn through the top of the hanging and cut 3” * 6” strips of tissue paper. Now clip the bottom edge to make a fringe. The tips of strips must be glued to the inside of the cup. Fasten a candy to the inside of the piñata using tape.  There you have a perfect miniature piñata to hang on Christmas tree or can even gift your friend.

Poinsettias are beautiful red leaf flowers of the holy night like bright red stars. Paper towel or toilet paper tubes, scissors, red acrylic, tempera paint, foam or paint brushes and red glitters are the material required to make poinsettias. Divide the tube into three equal sections. Now cut five equal slits about 1” wide and stopped 1” before end of the tube. Trim each slit to resemble a petal. Brush red acrylic paint on both sides of the tube using a brush. Sprinkle red glitters all over the petals before dying and lay them in a box to dry. Simply thread the poinsettia on to your Christmas tree.

Las Posadas Crafts