La Tamborrada Festival 2016

Spain is famous for hosting some extra ordinary festivals and La Tamborrada is one such festival celebrated in the City of San Sebastian, Spain. La Tamborrada festival is the festival of high decibel drum beats which rocks the city for 24 hours, starting from the midnight of 19th January and ending on 20th January midnight.

The festival starts when the mayor of the city raises the flag of San Sebastian at midnight of 19th January in the Konstituzio Plaza and concludes with the lowering of the flag at the midnight of 20th January.

The origin of La Tamborrada festival is not quite clear but as far as the legend goes in 1720, a baker was filling water barrels from a fountain near the Iglesia de San Vicente. He began singing while filling his barrels and was joined by a passing by group of young girls who started banging ontheir barrels to provide music support. A crowd gathered to witness this and it evolved to modern days La Tamborrada festival. Other link the origin of festival to an 18th century event when the locals mocked the soldiers who were guarding the heavily defended city of San Sebestian by dressing up like them and marching on the streets accompanied by heavy drum beats and the tradition continued till date.

La Tamborrada Festival is not just about the traditional parade marches in military and cook uniforms  or drum beats but it has evolved into a festival of music, food and several competitions and events. There are many companies of marchers and each represent one of the many gastronomic societies of San Sebastian. The adults march in different companies covering various parts of the city as per the defined schedule. The school children also participate in the morning drum parades with specific uniforms representing a particular country.

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