L1 Visa (Intra company Work Visa)

USA L1 Visa is assigned to non-immigrants who desire to work in the U.S on a short-term basis. The staff of a global organization that would be briefly transferred to any parent or guardian, side branch, affiliates, or part on the exact same organization in America is given Intra Business exchange (L-1) visas. The particular global organization could be whether U.S or an international corporation. To be eligible, the actual staff needs to be at the managerial or executive level, or include specialized know-how and/or hold an already designated position. In addition, the actual staff should have already been currently employed beyond the U.S. The non-immigrant should have been employed with the organization consistently for just one year before four years prior to filing the application for entrance into the States.


L1 visas are usually submitted by the organization the immigrant is working for, and needs to be accepted by the USCIS. Certain requirements with regard to L1 visa tend to be:

  •   It is usually released just to a good L1-A (Executive, Manager) or to an individual having L1-B (specialized information worker).
  •   People are unable to make application for an L1 visa. Your organization has to file a petition using U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as your representative with regard to L1 sponsorship.
  • The non-immigrant should have atleast a year's experience within the past three years and must be discharging responsibilities inside the U.S. for that very same organization or perhaps a joint venture partner.
  •   Highest restriction with regard to L1 (A) visa is usually 7 years with regard to executives, and professionals; in addition to 5 years if you have particular ability L1(B).
  •   The actual L-1 case has to designate that both U.S. companies are parent organizations and tend to be competent organizations.
  •   A written confirmation from the U.S Company stating the requirement of the non-immigrant.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of USA L1 Visa are;

  1.   The representative ought to be associated with the organization no less than 3 years before the application or else the candidate would be thought to be falling under blanket.
  2.   It can either be issued for an official chief or a profoundly specific expertise specialist of the organization.
  3.   The visa can be issued when the manager files a request for your behalf to USCIS and sanctions for sponsorship; at exactly that point your application will be endorsed.
  4.   No individual can seek a L1 visa.
  5.   The highest time period apportioned to L1 candidates is 7 years for a manager or 5 years for skilled individuals.
  6.   The L1 petition must approve that the organization in the USA and the sister organization are qualified associations.
  7.   A letter from the organization in the USA expressing the prerequisite of the individual.
  8.   If the individual plans to set up an organization in the USA then the individual can seek L1 visa. The accompanying elements must be satisfied to be qualified for L1 visa.
  9.   He/she ought to give sufficient verification that he can help and run his organization in the USA.
  10.   The applicant needs to submit the foundation of the organization which he/she is going to run in USA.
  11.   There ought to be sufficient budgetary backing for the organization.

Application Process

Step 1: To apply for USA L1 Visa, a document of appeal should be filed with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) on Form I-129. This has to be done by attaching necessary supporting documents stating that the U.S Company and the remote organization, its subsidiary, associate or branch are competent enough to match the criteria laid down.

Step 2: Form I-129 should be endorsed by the USCIS as a Notice of Action. And Form I-797 stating making use of the area of application should be filed. The non-immigrant can file a petition for visa issuance of the States in the country that has record of their stay.

Step 3: After filing the application by the non-immigrant, he/she can apply for a dependent visa (L-2) for spouse and/or children below the age of 21.

Step 4: Accepting I-797 Notice of Action does not necessarily mean that the visa is approved. However, when the company files the visa application and succeeds in proving its competency and of its parent organization, the visa is accepted.

Supporting documents required

There are two sets of documents you require to maintain. The first set is the mandatory documents that should to be carried while attending the interview. The second sets of documents are called the supporting documents needed whilst filing the visa application.

Mandatory documents needed

  • Original passport
  • Verification page of the submitted online form with CEAC bar code
  • A receipt of payment of fee.
  • Original copy of the interview letter and a copy of the same
  • Original copy of Form I-797

Necessary supporting documents list

  • Original form of I-129.
  • For blanket L1 Visa, 3 copies of Form I-129S non-immigrant form should be carried.
  • Professional job experience letter from companies the non-immigrant had been working for. These credentials are mandate to assess the working background and specialized skills the petitioner possesses.
  • Originals of the non-immigrants’ study certificates and marks memo.
  • A copy of the passport along with its initial and last page.


The application fee for USA L1 Visa is $150 per application.

Application form

By filling Form I-129, the non-immigrant can apply for USA L1 Visa.

Rejection reasons

The reasons for USA L1 Visa rejection are;

  1.   If the U.S. Company the applicant is associated with does not qualify for the visa, then the applicant’s visa is also rejected.
  2.   If the non- U.S Company has a branch or parent company that has no access to visa, then the applicant or non-immigrant is not provided with USA L1 Visa.
  3.   When there is any fraud or fake detected in the petition filed by the non-immigrant, the visa is rejected.
  4.   The Immigration and Naturalization Act defines in section 212(a) that USA L1 Visa is rejected if the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria of visa, and hence the USCIS rejects the visa.

How long can one stay or extension with this visa

USA L1 Visa is granted for a period of three years. To extend this visa, an application should be filed during the residence of non-immigrant in the U.S itself, whilst renewal should be done after taking an exit from the United States. When the non-immigrant applicant is designated on the post of a manager or an executive, the grace period would be four years (with two year validity each time) and can be further extended only upto seven years. A specialist can extend his stay upto two years. In case the applicant is terminated from his services under USA L1 Visa, the non-immigrant applicant must be employed with some other company within the grace period allotted; otherwise he has to take an exit from the United States.

This visa holders whether qualified to apply for other visas and citizenship

While the non-immigrant applicant has applied for USA L1 visa, it is not suggested for them to travel through any other visa. The dependents of USA L1 Visa applicant/holder such as partner, and children below 21 years of age are given USA L2 Visa. The dependent spouse is permitted Employment Authorization, but the same facility does not exist for the child. The applicant non-immigrant can apply for green card with a benefit of doing away with Labor Certification requirement.