Know All About French Culture

History of French Culture

France manifests diverse culture, showcasing regional diversities along with the influence of recent immigration. France has acted as a cultural hub, with Paris as a world center of high culture.
In ancient times France was part and parcel of the Gaul or Gallia. Its present name is taken from the Latin Francia, meaning "country of the Franks,". Since the 17th century, France has been instrumental in European and world events. Archaeological evidences say that France came into being some 400,000 years ago.

French Food

Wine and cheese are staple food and national pride reflecting regional diversities. Meals are ritualized, and manifest social and cultural elegance. There are also political phase to the meaning of food. Like there has recently been much fuss about the quality of "engineered" food and a rejection of meals that have been genetically questioned. One more aspect has been la vache folle(mad cow disease); the French have turned down the significance of English beef, which has been a prominent issue in the EU.

French Clothing

The French clothing manifests one of the most graceful and classic dressing sense in Europe and visitors to France can fit in the culture by dressing according to French standards. French clothing is usually of high quality, and most men and women wear designer attires whether they are at job, going out or playing host to friends.

Leisurewear is generally kept for the gym and is rarely witnessed on the Parisian streets. Flats, loafers and boots are the general types of shoes for casual dressing. Dark-wash, slim fitting jeans are also witnessed, and the classic European minimalist go for hair and makeup is mostly appreciated by women.

French Tradition

France is a country of variety and contrast culture and tradition. It is a blend of many regions, with every region showcasing its own specialty reflecting the traditions of that specific area of France. France is a wonderful land of fine traditions and the very best of cuisine.

Events of France

France is a country with a large history and hence there are several events and celebrations to observe all through the year. The most prominent event on the French celebrations history is of course on July 14th when the French celebrate Bastille Day, to celebrate the French Revolution.

Other important events are the Cannes Film Festival, the French Open at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris and the Tour de France. Yet another includes music festivals, from opera to open-air jazz and rock shows.

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