Kissing Day 2017

July 6th is celebrated as the National Kissing day in the United Kingdom and approximately two decades ago this holiday has been adopted universally by UNO, making 6th of July “The International Kissing Day or World Kissing Day”.  International Kissing Day is not the same as Valentine’s Day as it is commercialized.

The underlying idea behind formulating International Kissing day is that most people have forgotten and overlooked the mere pleasure affiliated with Kissing for the sake of Kissing on contrary to kissing has just a social formality or just an overture to other actions. This holiday is set to promote kissing can be an enjoyable experience rather than just a formality greeting.

In many cities, various types of Kissing contests are organized on this day and the participants can establish “Kissing Records” and win various gifts and prizes.

How and when was the first kiss invented/ originated?  Most capable sociologists argue that the history of kiss is not very clear and the inventor of the first kiss is not known, but they are sure that the kiss was not invented like any other equipment via phone, light or electricity.  Hence the word “Kiss” is not named after any person who first brought his lips together and opened them at once with a smooching sound that left a wet impression on his girlfriend / boyfriend.

Even though, it is not really important to trace the origin of the word defining the act of emotion and love ,  the most  significant fact is the rationale why this act was produced, and sociologists, anthropologists, historians , scientists and philosophers have no distinct vision of it. There are many hypotheses floating around.

What urges people to kiss? Firstly in many places it is a cultural practice.  Virtually in the entire world people during romantic rendezvous feel the unmarked urge to kiss and express their love and feeling towards their respective partner there is such an emotion that the people of the opposite gender are tuned to kiss and are ready and waiting for the moment. When one understands the pleasure and love attached with a kiss one would yearn for more kisses and derive more satisfaction from them.

This act works on daily basis; People watch personalities kissing on movie screens, advertisements and TV monitors. People keep hearing that some of their friends are in relationship with someone and kissing them and they come across many people on the streets kissing each other. As an outcome, in particular situations kiss is comprehended as an essential part of life. That’s the reason in any romantic encounters the unconscious typecast comes into power, and people feel almost an irresistible desire to kiss, regardless of whether they feel like to do it or not.

Renowned Kissers:

The first kiss in a movie was recorded in 1896 - by May Irvin and John S. Reye. It was a 30-second act by Thomas Edison named The Kiss, counting 191 kisses.

A. E. Wolfram an American from Minnesota on September 15, 1990 kissed approximately 8001 people in 8 hours during the kissing festival. It means he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds.

The longest kiss in movie history is credited to You're in the Army Now (1940); Lead Actors Regis Toomey and Jane Wyman kissed for 185 seconds, which is 4 % of the movie length.

Kissing Day 2017