Kindergarten Day 2017

Every year on April 21st we celebrate Kindergarten day. The name itself fills us with some sweet, exciting and adventurous memories. None of us can ever forget our first day at kindergarten be it our parents or us it was definitely filled with some great experience of our life.


Kindergarten day is celebrated in the honour of Mr. Friedrich Froebel. He was born in the year 1782 on April 21st. It was in the year 1837, that he was struck with an idea of starting kindergarten in Germany where he established his first venture.Frobel had a firm belief that with this cultivation of inner lives the kids will be more interactive and creative and their mind will be open towards learning. By the mid of 19th century the idea of kindergarten was spread all over in the state but was fiercely resisted.

In 1852 Frobel died and since then we celebrate the Kindergarten day on 21st of April in order to honour his thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

How to celebrate and what is it all about?

The Kindergarten day can be celebrated with your kids watching them enjoying themselves at the kindergarten and you can also go and participate with the kids. The kindergarten school established in 1837 for the first time in Germany was built upon a number of innovative principles that innate the curiosity of the kids. Frobel believed that through harmonious and interconnectedness of all things that is teaching with songs, music and play which was unheard during that times in the daily lessons also including drawing, design and other artistic activities and making kids learn through this activities with making a close contact with the natural world would make their inner lives more cultivated and active.

Kindergarten Day 2017