Kids Halloween Costumes

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of Halloween is a costume party. Costume parties are a rage among adults and are different from parties for friends. The decoration and ambience is set according to different themes. However, costume parties for children have their own themes. Parents usually have a tough time selecting unique costumes for their children but Halloween costumes for kids are available in a large variety. The following are some unique ideas for kids Halloween costumes:

Graveyard Ghosts and Witches

These are probably the most traditional and apt costumes for different Halloween parties. These costumes are easily available in the market. But, to give it an exceptional look, parents can make the costumes at home. With a little help from the child, parents can turn old black dresses intowitch costumes and old white bed sheets into ghosts. To add to the scary element, shiny and colorful paper can be used with the cloth. Brooms for the witches and battery-run torch for the ghosts can add to the uniqueness.

Unique Halloween Graveyard Ghosts

Vampires and Werewolves

Halloween Homemade Vampires

Many kids are now in love with vampires and werewolves. They may want to incorporate that into their costumes for Halloween. Fortunately, these costumes are available in plenty in the market.

Fairies and Princesses

Halloween Princesses

Girls love to dress up in pinks and laces. They would love to go to a Halloween party as a fairy godmother or even as a princess. It is one of the simplest and the prettiest kids Halloween costumes.


2014 Halloween Cartoon

Children are fond of cartoon characters- be it someone from an animated movie or a television cartoon series. Wearing their favorite character’s costume would make them feel special and allow them to rave about it to their friends.

Space aliens and spaceships

Creative Halloween Space Aliens

Fascination with space and extra-terrestrial beings almost never fades. It is the best option for homemade kids Halloween costumes. Kids can be aliens by dressing up in fluorescent green suits and foil wrapped antennas. If the kids are going in a group, one of them can be a cardboard-made spaceship and the rest, aliens.

In this way, children can dress to the nines in inimitable costumes for their Halloween parties.

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