Kick Butts Day 2017

A Kick Butts Day is an innovative and fun way to send across the important message to people about tobacco use and the tobacco industry. It's also a great way for youth supporters to lead the fight for program, policies, and practices that safeguard kids from tobacco consumption and secondhand smoke.

October 11th is the day we commit to kicking ourselves in the butt to take some action on the objective we’ve set and not accomplished, actions we’ve committed to and not initiated as yet, promises we’ve made and not kept, excuses we’ve generated that have us stalled and troubles we’ve faced and not solved. This is the day we do something productive towards are commitment of discarding tobacco and move forward in our lives. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year.

What the Event is all About

Kick Butts Day, is a national occasion started on September 1995 by the campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, also termed as the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids.  The single day event has now started taking place every year on or around the first Wednesday of April.  The goal of the event is to encourage America's youth to stand up, to be vocal and to participate in the fight against big tobacco.

How it Works

The Campaign’s prominent goal is to prohibit children from exposure and addiction to tobacco.  They work to achieve in four ways: (1) by enhancing awareness that tobacco consumption is a pediatric disease, (2) by bringing changes in public policies to restrict the marketing and sales of tobacco to children, (3) by changing the environment where tobacco consumption and policy decisions are made, and (4) by actively countering the tobacco trade and its special vested interests. The campaign encourages young generation to become youth supporters to advocate tobacco ordinances in their communities, to conduct tobacco control activities and events, like Kick Butts Day, and to assist in educating peers on the dangers of tobacco.

Targets of Tobacco Industries

It's long been known that the tobacco sector targets the 14-18 year old age group in their marketing and sales campaigns. Almost 90 percent of adults who have ever smoked began smoking prior to the age of 18. The tobacco sector is aware the earlier they can make a person addicted to tobacco, the longer they will cling to this addiction.

Effects of Tobacco Companies

Even now, more than the after lapse of 10 years after the 1998 master tobacco settlement, the latest poll reported that kids still gets targeted by tobacco advertising and still find that tobacco products are quite accessible to buy. A national survey conducted a survey in which more than 1,500 people reported that 74 percent of teens believe that tobacco companies encourage them to smoke, 70 percent feel targeted by tobacco advertising, and that teens are much more likely as adults to keep in mind the tobacco advertising.

Statistics About Tobacco

Every day in the United States nearly 4,000 new kids try their first cigarette. Most teens believe they will just experience smoking and will be able to stop whenever they feel like. However, nicotine is an extremely addictive component, as addictive as heroin or cocaine, and latest studies have reported that several people become addicted with their first cigarette. When asked any adult smoker how old they were when they first smoked and nearly 90 percent said prior to 18 years of age. Once addicted to nicotine, it gets next to impossible to quit tobacco. Every 72 seconds in the US someone dies from tobacco consumption. Cancer, stroke, heart disease, and emphysema kill over 400,000 people every single year. Each death scatters the family, friends and community.

Tobacco is not just a cancer in the United States; it is also a worldwide concern.

Some Startling Facts about Tobacco

  • The tobacco sector addicts more than 1,000 youth every day
  • Across the work every 6.4 seconds one person loses his life due to tobacco consumption
  • Almost 90 percent of adults who have ever been regular smokers began smoking by the time they were 18.
  • Big Tobacco spends nearly 13.3 billion per year on advertising and marketing of this silent killer
  • Adult male tobacco smokers cuts his nearly 13 years of life and adult female smokers shrink 15 years of her life
  • $23 million is spend on lobbying in the US Congress and in the form of donations to federal political parties and candidates by tobacco organizations
  • People who intake 8-10 chews per day of spit tobacco is consuming the same quantity of nicotine as a smoker who smokes 30-40 cigarettes a day
  • Each year, almost 4 million people lose their lives from tobacco related illnesses worldwide
  • In the 20th century tobacco consumption killed one hundred million people and if current statistics continue, it will eat up one billion people in the 21st century
  • China consumes more than 30 percent of the world's nicotine in the form of cigarettes and almost 70 percent of males in China are smokers
  • The top rating cigarette-consuming countries are: China, The United States, Russia, Japan and Indonesia
Kick Butts Day 2017