June 21 Birthdays :224 Famous People Birthdays on 21 June

Kris Allen Birthday (June 21st)

A famous American vocalist and lyricist Kristopher Neil Allen, known as Kris Allen, was born on June 21, 1985 in Conway, Arkansas. He is one of the top two finalists in eighth season of American Idol Contest in 2009. Kris Allen Childhood: kris Allen’s native place is Jacksonville, Arkans....

Jim Douglas Birthday (June 21st)

Jim Douglas Jim Douglas is born in Springfield, in Massachusetts on June 21, 1951. His full name is James H. Jim Douglas. He is the Governor of Vermont in United States. Jim Douglas is a Republican. Jim Douglas Early Life: Jim Douglas is studied aBachelor of Arts Degree from Middlebury Colle....

Juliette Lewis Birthday (June 21st)

Importance of Juliette Lewis • Juliette Lewis is famous for her contribution in American movie. • She is an Academy Award nominated actress. • She is also famous for her achievement as a musician. Birth Details of Juliette Lewis • Juliette Lewis was born on 21st June in the ....

June 21 Birthday Wishes

June 21 Birthday Wishes

Today’s birthday is one of mind over matter: If you don’t mind your age‚ it doesn’t matter. Happy Birthday.

Last year to be this young! Live it up‚ enjoy‚ and ?let it be?. Best Birthday Wishes to ya!

June 21Birthday Quotes

'I’ve never looked forward to a birthday like I’m looking forward to my new daughter’s birthday‚ because two days after that is when I can apply for reinstatement.'

Pete Rose

'Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.'

Maurice Chevalier

People Born on June 21

Year Name
1528 Maria of Spain Holy Roman Empire Empress (d. 1603)
1535 Leonhard Rauwolf German physician and botanist (d. 1596)
1639 (O.S.) Increase Mather New England Puritan minister (d. 1723)
1646 Maria Francisca of Nemours Queen of Portugal (d. 1683)
1676 (O.S.) Anthony Collins English philosopher (d. 1729)
1706 John Dollond English optician (d. 1761)
1710 James Short British mathematician (d. 1768)
1712 Luc Urbain de Bouexic comte de Guichen‚French admiral (d. 1790)
1730 Motoori Norinaga Japanese scholar (d. 1801)
1732 Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach German composer (d. 1791)
1736 (O.S.) Enoch Poor American general in the Continental Army (d. 1780)
1741 Benedetto Duke of Chablais‚ Italian general in the French Revolution (d.1808)
1750 Pierre-Nicolas Beauvallet French sculptor‚ draftsman and printmaker (d. 1818)
1750 (O.S.) Thomas Spence English classical writer (d. 1814)
1759 Alexander J. Dallas American statesman and financier (d. 1817)
1763 Pierre Paul Royer-Collard French philosopher (d. 1845)
1764 Sidney Smith British Royal Navy admiral (d. 1840)
1774 Daniel D. Tompkins American politician (d. 1825)
1781 Simeon Denis Poisson French mathematician and physicist (d. 1840)
1786 Charles Edward Horn British musician (d. 1849)
1791 Robert Napier British engineer (d. 1876)
1792 Ferdinand Christian Baur German theologian (d. 1860)
1805 Charles Thomas Jackson American polymath (d. 1880)
1811 Carlo Matteucci Italian physicist (d. 1868)
1812 Moses Hess French/German-born Jewish socialist and precursor of Zionism (d. 1875)
1823 Jean Chacornac French astronomer (d. 1873)
1825 William Stubbs English historian and Anglican Bishop of Oxford (d. 1901)
1828 Ferdinand Andre Fouque French geologist (d. 1904)
1834 Frans de Cort Flemish writer (d. 1878)
1834 Elizabeth Jane Caulfeild Countess of Charlemont Irish Jewish noblewoman (d. 1882)
1839 Machado de Assis Brazilian writer (d. 1908)
1850 Daniel Carter Beard founder of the Boy Scouts of America (d. 1941)
1850 Enrico Cecchetti Italian ballet dancer (d. 1928)
1858 Medardo Rosso Italian sculptor (d. 1928)
1859 Henry Ossawa Tanner American painter (d. 1937)
1862 Prince Damrong Rajanubhab Thai historian (d. 1943)
1863 Max Wolf German astronomer (d. 1932)
1864 Heinrich Wolfflin Swiss art historian (d. 1945)
1868 Edwin Stephen Goodrich English zoologist (d. 1946)
1870 Clara Immerwahr German chemist (d. 1915)
1876 Willem Hendrik Keesom Dutch physicist (d. 1956)
1880 Arnold Gesell American psychologist and pediatrician (d. 1961)
1880 Josiah Stamp 1st Baron Stamp British civil servant‚ industrialist‚ and banker (d. 1941)
1882 Rockwell Kent American painter‚ printmaker and illustrator (d. 1971)
1882 Lluis Companys i Jover Spanish politician (d. 1940)
1883 Fyodor Gladkov Russian writer (d. 1958)
1884 Claude Auchinleck British field marshal (d. 1981)
1887 Norman L. Bowen Canadian petrologist (d. 1956)
1889 Ralph Craig American athlete (d. 1972)
1889 Tadeusz Jan Kowalski Polish orientalist (d. 1948)
1890 Frank S. Land American founder of the Order of DeMolay (d. 1959)
1891 Pier Luigi Nervi Italian architect (d. 1979)
1891 Hermann Scherchen German conductor (d. 1966)
1892 Reinhold Niebuhr Protestant theologian (d. 1971)
1893 Alois Haba Czech composer (d. 1973)
1894 Milward Kennedy British public servant and mystery writer (d. 1968)
1896 Charles B. Momsen American inventor (d. 1967)
1898 Donald C. Peattie American botanist and writer (d. 1964)
1899 George Miles Watson British racehorse breeder (d. 1968)
1902 Howie Morenz Canadian professional ice hockey player (d. 1937)
1903 Al Hirschfeld American caricaturist (d. 2003)
1905 Jean-Paul Sartre French philosopher and writer‚ Nobel laureate (declined) (d. 1980)
1906 Helene Costello American actress (d. 1957)
1906 Nusch eluard French performer‚ model‚ and artist (d. 1946)
1906 Harold Spina American composer (d. 1997)
1906 Grete Sultan German musician (d. 2005)
1910 Aleksandr Tvardovsky Soviet poet (d. 1971)
1912 Mary McCarthy American writer (d. 1989)
1912 Kazimierz Leski Polish engineer (d. 2000)
1914 William Vickrey Canadian economist Nobel laureate (d. 1996)
1916 Joseph Cyril Bamford English inventor and industrialist (d. 2001)
1916 Buddy O'Connor Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1977)
1918 Eddie Lopat American baseball player (d. 1992)
1918 James Clyde Mitchell English sociologist and anthropologist (d. 1995)
1919 Gerard Pelletier French-Canadian journalist‚ politician‚ and diplomat (d. 1997)
1919 Vladimir Simagin Russian chess master (d. 1968)
1919 Paolo Soleri Italian-born American architect
1921 Judy Holliday American actress (d. 1965)
1921 Jane Russell American actress
1921 Jean de Broglie French politician (d. 1976)
1921 William Edwin Self American actor and television producer (d. 2010)
1923 Jacques Hebert French-Canadian author‚ journalist and politician (d. 2007)
1924 Ezzatolah Entezami Iranian actor
1924 Pontus Hulten Swedish art collector and pioneering museum director (d. 2006)
1924 Jean Laplanche French psychoanalyst
1924 Max McNab Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2007)
1925 Giovanni Spadolini Italian politician (d. 1994)
1925 Maureen Stapleton American actress (d. 2006)
1926 Conrad Hall Tahitian-born American cinematographer (d. 2003)
1927 Carl Stokes American politician (d. 1996)
1929 Abdel Halim Hafez Egyptian singer and actor (d. 1977)
1929 Alexandre Lagoya Greek-Italian classical guitarist (d. 1999)
1930 Sir Gerald Kaufman British politician
1930 Mike McCormack American professional football player
1931 Margaret Mary O'Shaughnessy Heckler U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
1931 Jan Trabka Polish scientist‚ philosopher
1932 O.C. Smith American singer (d. 2001)
1932 Lalo Schifrin Argentine pianist and composer
1933 Bernie Kopell American actor
1935 Francoise Sagan French writer (d. 2004)
1936 Joseph Gosnell Canadian Indian tribal leader
1938 Ron Ely American actor
1938 John W. Dower American author and historian
1939 Ruben Berrios Puerto Rican politician
1940 Mariette Hartley American actress
1940 Michael Ruse Canadian philosopher
1941 Joe Flaherty American-Canadian actor
1941 Lyman Ward Canadian actor
1942 Togo D. West Jr. American attorney and public official
1942 Dan Henning American football player
1942 Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky American TV reporter and Congresswoman
1942 Henry S. Taylor American writer
1943 Salome Spanish singer
1944 Ray Davies English singer and songwriter (The Kinks)
1944 Corinna Tsopei Greek beauty pageant winner
1945 Adam Zagajewski Polish philosopher and poet
1945 Philippe Sarde French composer
1946 Brenda Holloway American singer and songwriter
1946 Trond Kirkvaag Norwegian comedian and author
1947 Meredith Baxter American actress
1947 Michael Gross American actor
1947 Shirin Ebadi Iranian lawyer‚Nobel Peace Prize laureate
1947 Joey Molland English guitarist (Badfinger)
1948 Ian McEwan English writer
1948 Lionel Rose Australian boxer
1948 Andrzej Sapkowski Polish writer
1950 Anne Carson Canadian poet
1950 Joey Kramer American drummer and percussionist (Aerosmith)
1950 Vasilis Papakonstantinou Greek singer
1950 Enn Reitel English actor
1950 Gerard Lanvin French actor
1951 Jim Douglas American politician
1951 Nils Lofgren American guitarist‚ singer‚ songwriter
1952 K?ichi Mashimo Japanese anime director
1953 Benazir Bhutto Pakistani politician (d. 2007)
1953 Maurice Boucher Canadian organized crime boss
1953 Michael Bowen American actor
1954 Mjde Ar Turkish actress
1954 Kathy Sullivan American attorney and politician
1954 Mark Kimmitt American Army general
1954 Anne Kirkbride English actress
1954 Robert Menasse Austrian writer
1954 Robert Pastorelli American actor (d. 2004)
1955 Tim Bray Canadian computer programmer
1955 Leigh McCloskey American actor
1955 Aloysius Amwano Nauruan politician
1955 Jean-Pierre Mader French singer and songwriter
1955 Michel Platini French footballer
1957 Berkeley Breathed American cartoonist and author
1957 Lucien DeBlois Canadian professional ice hockey player
1958 Gennady Padalka Russian cosmonaut
1959 Tom Chambers American basketball player
1959 Marcella Detroit American singer and songwriter (Shakespear's Sister)
1959 Kathy Mattea American country singer
1960 Kevin Harlan American sportscaster
1961 Kip Winger American singer and guitarist (Winger)
1961 Manu Chao French multi-instrumentalist (Mano Negra)
1961 Sascha Konietzko German singer and synth player (KMFDM)
1961 Karen Barber English ice dancer
1962 Viktor Tsoi Soviet guitarist‚ singer and songwriter (Kino) (d. 1990)
1962 Takeshi Asami Japanese racing driver
1963 Lucas de Groot Dutch type designer
1964 Sammi Davis British actress
1964 David Morrissey British actor
1964 Doug Savant American actor
1965 Larry Wachowski American film director
1965 Yang Liwei Chinese astronaut
1966 Rudi Bakhtiar American journalist
1966 Pierre Thorsson Swedish handball player
1966 Nan Woods American actress
1967 Jim Breuer American comedian
1967 Derrick Coleman American basketball player
1967 Pierre Omidyar Iranian-American businessman
1967 Carrie Preston American actress
1968 Sonique British DJ
1969 Gabriella Paruzzi Italian skier
1970 Sindee Coxx American pornographic actress
1970 Pete Rock American rapper and producer
1971 Anette Olzon Swedish singer (Nightwish)
1972 Alon Hilu Israeli writer
1972 Neil Doak Irish cricketer
1973 Juliette Lewis American actress
1974 Natasha Desborough British radio personality
1974 Neely Jenkins American bassist and vocalist
1974 Rob Kelly American football player
1974 Craig Lowndes Australian racing driver
1976 Antonio Cochran American football player
1976 Mike Einziger American guitarist (Incubus)
1976 Nigel Lappin Australian rules footballer
1977 Michael Gomez Irish boxer
1977 Jochen Hecht German ice hockey player
1978 Erica Durance Canadian actress
1978 Jack Guzman American actor
1978 Jean-Pascal Lacoste French singer‚ actor and TV host
1978 Cristiano Lupatelli Italian footballer
1978 Dejan Ognjanovic Montenegrin football player
1978 Rim'K French rapper
1979 Kostas Katsouranis Greek footballer
1979 Chris Pratt American actor
1980 Luca Anania Italian footballer
1980 Richard Jefferson American basketball player
1980 Sendy Rleal Dominican baseball player
1981 David Bortolussi French-born Italian rugby player
1981 Yann Danis Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Brandon Flowers American singer and keyboardist (The Killers)
1981 Garrett Jones American baseball player
1982 Prince William of Wales second in the line of succession to the British throne
1982 Rob Mills Australian Singer and Performer
1984 Alicia Alighatti American pornographic actress
1984 Jujubee American drag queen and reality TV personality
1984 Franck Perera French racing driver
1985 Kris Allen American singer
1985 Anthony Morelli American football player
1985 Byron Schammer Australian rules footballer
1986 Hideaki Wakui Japanese baseball player
1987 Sebastian Prodl Austrian footballer
1987 Ryeowook Korean pop singer
1987 Dale Thomas Australian rules footballer
1988 Alejandro Ramirez Costa Rican chess Grandmaster
1988 Paolo Tornaghi Italian footballer
1989 Abubaker Kaki Sudanese runner
1989 Jascha Washington American actor
1990 Pietro Baccolo Italian footballer
2001 Alexandra Obolentseva Russian chess player