June 16 Birthdays :170 Famous People Birthdays on 16 June

Tupac Shakur Birthday (June 16th)

Famous by the name of Makaveli and 2Pac, Tupac Shakur was a great American rapper. Those nicknames were actually his special stage names. Birth Details of Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur was born on 16th June 1971 at the place of East Harlem which is situated at Manhattan in New York City. ....

June 16 Birthday Wishes

June 16 Birthday Wishes

When I think of my favorite foods‚ I can never make up my mind. But when I think of my favorite people‚ I immediately know that means YOU! Happy Birthday.

Just wanted to say that I really do wish you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart.

June 16Birthday Quotes

'My best kiss was on stage. Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child gave me a really nice soft kiss on my lips during a performance on my birthday. It was amazing.'

Chris Brown

'Birthdays are good for you. The more you have‚ the longer you live.'


People Born on June 16

Year Name
1332 Isabella de Coucy English princess (d. 1382)
1514 John Cheke English classical scholar (d. 1557)
1583 Axel Oxenstierna Swedish statesman (d. 1654)
1591 Joseph Solomon Delmedigo Crete-born Italian physician‚ mathematician‚ and music theorist (d. 1655)
1606 Arthur Chichester 1st Earl of Donegall‚ Irish aristocrat and soldier (d. 1675)
1612 Murad IV Ottoman Sultan (d. 1640)
1613 John Cleveland English poet (d. 1658)
1633 Jean de Thevenot French traveler and scientist (d. 1667)
1644 Henrietta Anne Stuart French-born Princess of Scotland‚ England and Ireland and Duchess of Orleans (d. 1670)
1713 Meshech Weare American Governor of New Hampshire (d. 1786)
1723 Adam Smith Scottish philosopher and economist (d. 1790)
1738 Mary Katharine Goddard American printer and publisher (d. 1816)
1754 Salawat Yulayev Bashkir poet (d. 1800)
1792 John Linnell English landscape painter (d. 1882)
1792 Sir Thomas Mitchell Australian explorer (d. 1855)
1801 Julius Plcker German mathematician and physicist (d. 1868)
1806 Edward Davy English physician‚ chemist and inventor (d. 1885)
1813 Otto Jahn German archaeologist (d. 1869)
1820 Athanase Coquerel French Protestant preacher (d. 1875)
1821 Old Tom Morris Scottish golfer (d. 1908)
1826 Constantin von Ettingshausen Austrian geologist and botanist (d. 1897)
1829 Geronimo Apache leader (d. 1909)
1836 Wesley Merritt American general (d. 1910)
1837 Ernst Laas German philosopher (d. 1885)
1838 Cushman Davis American politician (d. 1900)
1840 Ernst Otto Schlick German engineer (d. 1913)
1874 Arthur Meighen 9th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1960)
1880 Otto Eisenschiml Austrian-born American chemist and historian (d. 1963)
1888 Alexander Alexandrovich Friedman Russian physicist (d. 1925)
1888 Peter Stoner American mathematician and astronomer (d. 1980)
1890 Stan Laurel British actor and comedian (d. 1965)
1894 Norman Kerry American actor (d. 1956)
1896 Murray Leinster American science-fiction and alternate history writer (d. 1976)
1897 Elaine Hammerstein American actress (d. 1948)
1897 Georg Wittig German chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1987)
1902 Barbara McClintock American geneticist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1992)
1902 George Gaylord Simpson American paleontologist (d. 1984)
1903 Helen Traubel American soprano (d. 1972)
1903 Huldreich Georg Frh Swiss composer (d. 1945)
1907 Jack Albertson American actor (d. 1981)
1909 Archie Fairley Carr American biologist (d. 1987)
1910 Juan Velasco Alvarado Peruvian general and President of Peru (d. 1977)
1912 Enoch Powell British politician (d. 1998)
1915 John Tukey American statistician (d. 2000)
1916 Hank Luisetti American basketball player (d. 2002)
1917 Katherine Graham American publisher (d. 2001)
1917 Aurelio Lampredi Italian mechanical engineer (Ferrari) (d. 1989)
1917 Irving Penn American photographer (d. 2009)
1920 John Howard Griffin American journalist (d. 1980)
1920 Raymond U. Lemieux Canadian organic chemist (d. 2002)
1920 Jose Lpez Portillo 31st President of Mexico (d. 2004)
1923 Ron Flockhart Scottish racing driver (d. 1962)
1924 Faith Domergue American actor (d. 1999)
1927 Tom Graveney English cricketer
1927 Herbert Lichtenfeld German author and playwright (d. 2001)
1928 Speedy O. Long American politician (d. 2006)
1929 Ramon Bieri American actor (d. 2001)
1929 Pauline Yates English actress
1930 Vilmos Zsigmond Hungarian-born American cinematographer
1930 Allan D'Arcangelo American artist (d. 1998)
1934 Dame Eileen Atkins English actress
1934 Roger Neilson Canadian ice hockey coach (d. 2003)
1934 William Forsyth Sharpe American economist‚ Nobel laureate
1934 Elvira Vinogradova Russian TV personality
1935 Bill Cobbs American actor
1935 Jim Dine American artist
1937 Erich Segal American author (d. 2010)
1937 Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Tsar and later Prime Minister of Bulgaria
1938 James Bolam English actor
1938 Joyce Carol Oates American novelist
1938 Torgny Lindgren Swedish writer
1939 Billy Crash Craddock American country singer
1940 Neil Goldschmidt American Governor of Oregon
1941 Aldrich Ames American C.I.A. officer and spy
1941 Lamont Dozier American record company executive
1941 Mumtaz Hamid Rao Pakistani journalist
1942 Giacomo Agostini Italian motorcyclist
1942 Eddie Levert American singer (The O'Jays)
1943 Joan Van Ark American actress
1944 Henri Richelet French painter
1945 Claire Alexander Canadian ice hockey player
1945 Lucienne Robillard Canadian politician
1946 Rick Adelman American basketball player and coach
1946 Jodi Rell American politician
1946 Derek Sanderson Canadian ice hockey player
1946 Mark Ritts American actor (d. 2009)
1947 -minu Swiss columnist and writer
1947 Tom Wyner British-born American voice actor and writer
1948 Ron LeFlore American baseball player
1948 V. Hanumantha Rao Indian politician
1949 Paulo Cesar Brazilian footballer
1951 Roberto Duran Panamanian boxer
1951 Charlie Dominici American singer
1952 George Papandreou junior Greek politician
1952 Gino Vannelli Canadian singer and songwriter
1953 Ian Mosley British drummer (Marillion)
1953 Valerie Mahaffey American actress
1955 Laurie Metcalf American actress
1955 Tree Rollins American basketball player
1957 Ian Buchanan Scottish actor
1958 Darrell Griffith American basketball player
1958 Jhannes Helgason Icelandic guitarist (?eyr)
1958 Ulrike Tauber East German swimmer
1959 The Ultimate Warrior American professional wrestler
1959 Desiree Rogers American public relations executive and former Social Secretary for the White House
1959 John Franklin American actor
1960 Peter Sterling Australian rugby league footballer
1961 Steve Larmer Canadian ice hockey player
1962 Wally Joyner American baseball player
1962 Femi Kuti Nigerian afrobeat musician
1962 Arnold Vosloo South African actor
1962 Anthony Wong Yiu Ming Hong Kong composer and producer
1963 Scott Alexander American screenwriter
1963 Jim Fullington American professional wrestler
1966 Jan ?elezny Czech athlete
1969 Mark Crossley Welsh footballer
1970 Clifton Collins Jr. American actor
1970 Cobi Jones American soccer player
1970 Phil Mickelson American golfer
1970 Younus AlGohar British spiritualist‚ author‚ poet‚sufi and humanitarian
1971 Tupac Shakur American rapper and actor (d. 1996)
1971 Chris Gomez American baseball player
1972 John Cho Korean-American actor
1972 Simon Khan English golfer
1972 Ann Shoket American magazine editor
1973 Nikos Machlas Greek footballer
1974 Paul Lee British sculptor
1975 Anthony Carter American basketball player
1976 Edwin Tenorio Ecuadorian footballer
1977 Kerry Wood American baseball player
1977 Petros Papadakis American sportscaster
1977 Kevin Foster American convicted murderer
1977 Craig Fitzgibbon Australian rugby league footballer
1978 Daniel Brhl German actor
1978 Dainius Zubrus Lithuanian ice hockey player
1978 Jasmine Leong Chinese Malaysian singer
1978 Lyndsey Marshal British actress
1980 Brandon Armstrong American basketball player
1980 Nehir Erdogan Turkish actress
1980 Brad Gushue Canadian curler
1980 Martin Stranzl Austrian footballer
1980 Joey Yung Hong Kong singer
1980 Dare Nibombe Togolese footballer
1980 Phil Christophers German-born English rugby player
1981 Benjamin Becker German tennis player
1981 Kevin Bieksa Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Ben Kweller American singer and songwriter
1981 Miguel Villalta Peruvian footballer
1982 Fraser Cartmell British triathlete
1982 Matt Costa American singer and songwriter
1982 Missy Peregrym Canadian actress
1982 Chris Wingert American footballer
1982 Jodi Santamaria Filipino actress
1983 Armend Dallku Albanian footballer
1984 Steven Whittaker Scottish Footballer
1984 Rick Nash Canadian ice hockey player
1984 Jonathan Broxton American baseball player
1986 Rodrigo Defendi Brazilian footballer
1986 Urby Emanuelson Dutch footballer
1986 Fernando Muslera Uruguayan footballer
1986 Farhad Reza Bangladeshi cricketer
1986 Robert Rothbart Bosnian/Israeli/Serbian basketball player
1987 Diana DeGarmo American singer
1987 Abby Elliott American comedienne
1987 Per Ciljan Skjelbred Norwegian footballer
1987 Christian Tshimanga Kabeya Belgian footballer
1988 Keshia Chante Canadian singer
1989 Elena Glebova Estonian figure skater
1991 Joe McElderry X Factor (UK) winner in 2009
1994 Aarya Ambekar Indian Marathi singer