June 14 Birthdays :138 Famous People Birthdays on 14 June

Donald Trump Birthday (June 14th)

Donald Trump was born on the 14th June 1946 in the city of New York. His father Fredrick C. Trump was a self made millionaire who by business was a real estate builder and developer whereas her mother Mary was a homemaker who raised five kids including Donald as well. Donald passed his graduation fr....

June 14 Birthday Wishes

June 14 Birthday Wishes

When the world works right‚ good things happen to and for good people and you are definitely good people. Happy Birthday!

Just live it out to the fullest and have fun! Happy Birthday!

June 14Birthday Quotes

'With my daughter‚ we do arts and crafts‚ we read a lot‚ we listen to music‚ and we cut the strings off balloons and bounce them around after birthday parties.'

Lisa Loeb

'Youth has no age.'

Pablo Picasso

People Born on June 14

Year Name
1444 Nilakantha Somayaji Indian Astronomer-mathematician (d. 1544)
1479 (O.S.) Giglio Gregorio Giraldi Italian poet (d. 1552)
1726 James Hutton Scottish naturalist (d. 1797)
1736 Charles Augustin de Coulomb French physicist (d. 1806)
1796 Nikolai Brashman Russian mathematician (d. 1866)
1798 Frantisek Palacky Czech scholar and politician (d. 1876)
1801 Heber C. Kimball American religious leader (d. 1868)
1811 Harriet Beecher Stowe American novelist and abolitionist (d. 1896)
1812 Fernando Wood 74th Mayor of New York City (d. 1881)
1819 Henry J. Gardner 23rd Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1892)
1820 John Bartlett American publisher (Bartlett's Familiar Quotations) (d. 1905)
1832 Nikolaus Otto German engineer (d. 1891)
1855 Robert La Follette U.S. politician‚ Governor of Wisconsin and Senator from Wisconsin (d. 1925)
1856 Andrey Markov Russian mathematician (d. 1922)
1864 Alois Alzheimer German physician (d. 1915)
1868 Karl Landsteiner Austrian biologist and physician‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1943)
1870 Sophia of Prussia Prussian-born consort of Constantine I of Greece (d. 1932)
1871 Jacob Ellehammer Danish inventor (d. 1946)
1877 Jane Bathori French mezzo-soprano (d. 1970)
1884 John McCormack Irish tenor (d. 1945)
1890 May Allison American actress (d. 1989)
1893 Siggie Nordstrom Swedish singer (The Nordstrom Sisters) (d. 1980)
1894 Marie-Adela?de Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (d. 1924)
1895 Jack Adams Canadian ice hockey player‚ coach and general manager (d. 1968)
1899 Yasunari Kawabata Japanese writer‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1972)
1903 Alonzo Church American mathematician and logician (d. 1995)
1904 Margaret Bourke-White American photojournalist (d. 1971)
1905 Steve Broidy American motion picture executive (d. 1991)
1905 Arthur Davis American animator (d. 2000)
1907 Nicolas Bentley British writer and illustrator (d. 1978)
1907 Chico Landi Brazilian racing driver (d. 1989)
1909 Burl Ives American musician (d. 1995)
1910 Rudolf Kempe German conductor (d. 1976)
1913 Joe Morris C.C. LL.D.Canadian trade unionist (d. 1996)
1914 Pauline Moore American actress (d. 2001)
1916 Dorothy McGuire American actress (d. 2001)
1917 Atle Selberg Norwegian mathematician (d. 2007)
1917 Lise Norgaard Danish journalist and writer
1919 Sam Wanamaker American actor (d. 1993)
1919 Gene Barry American actor (d. 2009)
1922 Kevin Roche Irish architect
1924 James W. Black British physician (d. 2010)
1925 Pierre Salinger American journalist‚ John F. Kennedy's Press Secretary (d. 2004)
1926 Hermann Kant German author
1926 Don Newcombe American baseball player
1928 "Ernesto ""Che"" Guevara" Argentina-born Marxist Revolutionary (d. 1967)
1929 Cy Coleman American composer (d. 2004)
1931 Junior Walker American saxophonist and singer (Jr. Walker & the All Stars) (d. 1995)
1931 Marla Gibbs American actress
1932 Joe Arpaio American law enforcement officer‚ sheriff of Maricopa County‚ Arizona
1933 Jerzy Kosinski Polish-American novelist (d. 1991)
1933 Vladislav Rastorotsky Soviet gymnastics coach
1936 "Renaldo ""Obie"" Benson" American singer (The Four Tops) (d. 2005)
1936 Irmelin Sandman Lilius Finnish writer
1937 Jorgen Leth Danish film director
1939 John F. MacArthur American evangelist
1939 Steny Hoyer U.S. Congressman
1943 Harold Wheeler American composer
1943 John Miles British racing driver
1943 Spooner Oldham American musician
1943 Barry Burman English figurative artist (d. 2001)
1944 Laurie Colwin American author (d. 1992)
1944 Joe Grifasi American actor
1945 Rod Argent English pianist and keyboardist
1945 Marilyn Schreffler American voice actor (d. 1988)
1946 Donald Trump American businessman and entrepreneur
1947 Barry Melton American guitarist (Country Joe and the Fish)
1948 Laurence Yep American author
1949 Jim Lea British bassist‚ keyboardist‚ violinist and guitarist (Slade)
1949 Harry Turtledove American novelist
1949 Alan White British drummer (Yes)
1950 Rowan Williams Welsh Anglican prelate‚ 104th Archbishop of Canterbury
1951 Paul Boateng British politician
1952 Pat Summitt American basketball coach
1952 Leon Wieseltier American writer
1953 Janet Mackey New Zealand politician
1954 Will Patton American actor
1955 Michael D. Duvall California State Assemblyman
1955 Paul O'Grady British comedian and television presenter
1956 Gianna Nannini Italian singer
1956 Fred Funk American professional golfer
1956 King Diamond Danish singer
1956 Sam Irvin American director and producer
1957 Maxi Jazz British rapper (Faithless) and racing driver
1958 Eric Heiden American speed skater
1959 Marcus Miller American jazz bassist and clarinetist
1960 Mike Laga American baseball player
1961 Boy George British singer (Culture Club)
1961 Sam Perkins American basketball player
1964 Peter Gilliver English lexicographer
1966 Traylor Howard American actress
1968 Yasmine Bleeth American actress
1968 Faizon Love American actor
1968 Campbell Brown American journalist and news reporter
1968 Eric Murdock American basketball player
1969 Steffi Graf German tennis player
1969 eric Desjardins Canadian hockey player
1969 Kyle Hebert American voice actor
1969 MC Ren American rapper
1969 Michael Gerber American parody author
1971 Bruce Bowen American basketball player
1971 Ramon Vega Swiss footballer
1972 Matthias Ettrich German computer scientist (KDE)
1972 Rick Brunson American basketball player
1972 Michael Cade American actor
1972 Shaun Keaveny British radio DJ
1973 Ceca Raznatovic Serbian singer
1973 Sami Kapanen Finnish hockey player
1974 Jang Jin-young South Korean actress (d. 2009)
1974 Phillip Rhys British actor
1974 Joshua Radin American songwriter
1975 Ryuji Miki Japanese racing driver
1975 Chris Onstad American cartoonist
1975 Bob Nanna American musician
1976 Alan Carr British stand-up comedian and TV presenter
1976 Massimo Oddo Italian football player
1977 Chris McAlister American football player
1977 Massimiliano Neri Italian supermodel
1978 Steve Begin French-Canadian hockey player
1978 Diablo Cody American screenwriter
1978 Annia Hatch Cuban-American gymnast
1981 Chauncey Leopardi American actor
1981 Lonneke Engel Dutch model
1982 Lang Lang Chinese pianist
1982 Jamie Green British racing driver
1983 Hirofumi Araki Japanese actor
1983 John Stocco American football player
1983 Louis Garrel French actor
1984 Siobhan Donaghy British singer (Sugababes)
1984 Lorenzo Booker American football player
1984 Yury Prilukov Russian swimmer
1985 Andy Soucek Spanish racing driver
1986 Jonathan Clare English cricketer
1987 Andrew Cogliano Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Kevin Michael McHale American singer
1989 Lucy Hale American actress
1989 Courtney Halverson American actress
1992 Daryl Sabara American actor